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when we searching issues in the redmine, some projects' issues can be search out, some others projects' issues can't and get a Internal error. Below is the error logs, do anyone know what's wrong with it and how to fix it.

Completed 200 OK in 1370.3ms (Views: 389.4ms | ActiveRecord: 682.6ms)
Started GET "/projects/b751/issues/new" for at 2015-07-31 13:30:37 +0800
Processing by IssuesController#new as HTML
Parameters: {"project_id"=>"b751"}
Current user: DING.COM (id=19)
Rendered plugins/redmine_multi_column_custom_fields/app/views/issues/_form_custom_fields.html.erb (109.1ms)
Rendered issues/_attributes.html.erb (794.8ms)
Rendered plugins/redmine_multiprojects_issue/app/views/issues/_projects_list.html.erb (3.0ms)
Deface: [ERROR] The original source for 'add-multiple-projects-to-issue-form' has changed, this override should be reviewed to ensure it's still valid.
Rendered issues/_form.html.erb (2185.1ms)
Rendered issues/new.html.erb within layouts/base (2188.1ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 2237.1ms

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `h' for #<ViewsIssueHook:0xa9955b8>):
30: });
31: </script>
33: <%= call_hook(:view_issues_form_details_bottom, { :issue => @issue, :form => f }) >< end >< heads_for_wiki_formatter %>
lib/redmine/hook.rb:61:in `block (2 levels) in call_hook'
lib/redmine/hook.rb:61:in `each'
lib/redmine/hook.rb:61:in `block in call_hook'
lib/redmine/hook.rb:58:in `tap'
lib/redmine/hook.rb:58:in `call_hook'
lib/redmine/hook.rb:158:in `call_hook'
app/views/issues/_form.html.erb:33:in `block in _7d2cc83e84c2c9b5c240af8d8d9421fc'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1048:in `labelled_fields_for'
app/views/issues/_form.html.erb:1:in `_7d2cc83e84c2c9b5c240af8d8d9421fc'
app/views/issues/new.html.erb:11:in `block in _1689e607405267736566660b46014f2a'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1041:in `labelled_form_for'
app/views/issues/new.html.erb:5:in `_1689e607405267736566660b46014f2a'
app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:143:in `block (2 levels) in new'
app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:142:in `new'


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