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Group wiki activity results

Added by Tyler Z about 14 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2008-12-07
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I created a feature for 0.7.3 that when viewing activity for a project allows me to see only the most recent activity for a given wiki page, of all the wiki pages that have had activity instead of a list of all wiki edits done for all wiki pages. While working heavily on documentation, I find it more effective to see only the last edit done for pages that have been worked on. Going to those edited pages you can view the history to see all the specifics of edits. This feature helps to stay tuned with what pages have been worked on, and quickly have a summary understanding of this or ability to click through to each of the edited pages, something that is confusing and messy to do if you have a list of all edits, multiple edits for all pages interwoven with each other.

However, with the latest development snapshots, the area I made my changes to, in the controller, has been largely reworked and I was wondering if anybody would be interested to see this feature and whether assistance could be given to making the modification. I was very unfamiliar with the new approach and it was taking way too long to figure out.

I have attached files from my 0.7.3 modification.


activity.rhtml Magnifier - This is modified to have a new checkbox field for toggling between my mod and original results. Search for keyword "noGroupActivity" to find mods. (3.16 KB) Tyler Z, 2008-12-07 22:52

projects_controller.rb Magnifier - These are the main modifications, mainly setting up the new query and the toggle logic. Search for keyword "Tyler" for begin and end of modifications. (22 KB) Tyler Z, 2008-12-07 22:52

en.yml Magnifier - Label for the checkbox added. (22.9 KB) Tyler Z, 2008-12-07 22:52

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