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Migrating from Trac to Redmine [Trac2Redmine]

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Hello everyone, I used to work on a project about migrating our system from trac to redmine.

This summer at my first attempt I was able to migrate some parts of our bug tracking database.

But, know I see that there is a new stable releases, I want to migrate completely this time.

Is there anyone who accomplished migration completely?

*at the attachment you can see my migrate_from_trac.rake file, which is edited due to:
-self.inheritance_column = :none instead of set_inheritance_column :none
-self.primary_key = 'name' instead of #set_primary_key :name
-correcting the rake file according to *timestamps patch

migrate_from_trac.rake Magnifier - Edited rakefile (30.8 KB) F B, 2016-12-09 12:48

migrate_from_trac.rake.patch Magnifier - Timestamps patch (5.31 KB) F B, 2016-12-09 12:48


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Latest one I can find is:
However, I still can't get it to work (using either Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04).
There are various versions available from:

The only way I've managed to get a successful migration (and I've only managed to get it to migrate one Trac instance; trying a second gives primary key violations from the DB back end), and that was to use:
Using that script only worked when I spun up an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual and did the migration there.

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