Defect #24602

Exporting wiki pages in HTML fails if {{collapse}}

Added by Vincent Le Goff almost 6 years ago.

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When exporting a wiki page in HTML (using /projects/id/wiki/title.html), if some text is hidden in a {{collapse}} macro, then the exported page doesn't allow to click on the link to see the text.

Steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Create a wiki page in a project with some text:
    h1. This is a test
    {{collapse(Click to show/hide)
    This is hidden.
  2. Try to export this page as HTML
    curl https://server.ext/projects/project_id/wiki/Title.html > page.html
  3. Open the HTML page. If you click on the "click to show/hide" link, nothing appears.

Possible causes

This is obviously due to the fact that the JavaScript used by the {{collapse}} macro isn't exported with the HTML page. Perhaps it could be easily added, like the CSS code which is already exported.

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