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Define working steps/packages for tickets

Added by Thomas Woelfle over 15 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

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The way we currently use Redmine is that some user creates a new Ticket and describes the task. When planning a new Version or when reviewing open tickets some other user tries to break down the ticket into steps that have to be done in order to close the ticket. I.e. in case of a bug steps would be something like:

  • Reproduce the bug
  • Write a test that reproduces the bug
  • Fix the bug
  • ...

This breakdown is documented as comment of the ticket. Depending on that breakdown the time estimation is done. At some later time a user starts working on that ticket. I.e. he tries to reproduce a bug and fixes it. In order to track the progress that user updates the "%Done" field and provides comments on what he has already done. These comments are usually something like "Reproduced bug" or "Fixed bug". I.e. they almost always refer to the steps defined earlier. For the project controlling the "%Done" field is currently not very useful since the updates of that field our users make are almost arbitrarly. We are currently more interested in the comments because the qualify what has already been done for a ticket and what has still to be done.

Now it would be nice to be able to create such steps explicitly for a ticket. A user should be able to mark such a step as something like "completed" when he has finished that step. The "%Done" field can then become a computed field depending on how much steps have already been completed.

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Updated by Thomas Pihl over 15 years ago

Look like a task for subissues (se #443).


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Updated by Thomas Woelfle over 15 years ago

Thomas Pihl wrote:

Look like a task for subissues (se #443).


Thanks for the tip. This is almost exactly what we are looking for.

- Thomas


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