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Possibility to know if an issue has been read by assignee

Added by Robert Kania over 13 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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It would be great to have an issue attribute "read by assignee" or "acknowledged".

And better yet, if this attribute could be automagically set when assignee visits page with issue detail, without his manual intervention (possible option in project/tracker settings?).

Currently, creator of the issue has no easy feedback on this.
Using separate issue status is way too bureaucratic and user non-friendly.


#1 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 9 years ago

+1. wow! this is a great idea.

#2 Updated by Daniel Felix over 9 years ago

Yes this would be great but it could be tricky. You need many things to be tracked.

Here are some problems:
  1. assignee is a group, how should this be handled?
  2. assignee is a automatic service which frequently checks issues (for example Hudson CI)
  3. assignee just clicks for a Devon on this issue and leaves it instantly. Read or not read?
  4. assignee receives issue as mail and won't read it again in the browser
  5. assignee uses an app to check the issues and just receives the json data
  6. assignee view issue description on issue list (option: display description)

As you could see, there are many possibilities to read something without marking as read.

The other way could be a small history's try which would blow up the database.
Just lock who visited the page and list them if the user has the corresponding rights.
But well, as already said, this could blow up the database volume with unused information

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