Defect #29043

Dropdown Project Search list is sorted in weird order

Added by Roland Giesler about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:3.2.6


Since #19299 was implemented (I'm assuming somewhat here), the sort order of projects in the dropdown list is sort-of-alfabetical. If used to be in the same order as the project list, in other words, alfabetical, but with sub-project sorted under their parents. Now, in the dropdown list (right top corner), the list is sorted with parent projects first, then sub-project, and then sub-sub-projects, etc.

This does not make sense. Why are sub-projects not sorted under their parents? If we have parent projects like "Oranges", "Apples", "Pears" with sub-projects of Autumn, Spring and Summer under each, then there are 9 sub-projects listed "Autumn, Autumn, Autumn, Spring, Spring, Spring, Summer, Summer, Summer" for example. I know it's possible to name sub-projects differently, but even with other naming, knowing which project a sub-projects belongs too it important and the list doens't show that, which makes it sort of pretty much worthless.

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