Defect #29933

Strange status jumping in issue workflow

Added by David Chen almost 4 years ago.

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Category:Issues workflow
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Resolution: Affected version:3.4.6


How to reproduce the bug:
We knew that when a role with "Edit issues" right could change contents under issues, including status field. You could easily find a bug in current version 3.4.6.Stable by following steps:
  1. define a role with "Edit issues" rights. name it "ABC_Role",
  2. add a new issue status, name it "Temp_Status",
  3. in a existing workflow(say workflow_A), only define ABC_Role has ability to update status into or out of "Temp_status",
  4. find a project where workflow_A is in use, choose an existing member(say member_A), add ABC_Role to him/her---Now for sure member_A has right to update status to Temp_Status,
  5. tick off "Edit issues" rights for role "ABC_Role"

Now you will find user who is in "ABC_Role" could still jump to "Temp_status" in relevant issues, even you can't find "Temp_status" in workflow window.

My Analysis:
After studying the database, I found redundant workflow records in "workflow" table after ticking off "Edit Issues" rights.

When ticking off "update issue" right for certain role, the corresponding rights in workflow should be remove at the same time.

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