Feature #3146

Optional Filters in custom queries

Added by Thomas Woelfle over 13 years ago.

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Currently custom queries in the issues list are defined as a list of filters concatenated with an AND operator.

E.g. a custom query would be to show only issues where the Status is OPEN AND the Target Version is 0.5.0.

It is not possible to formulate an OR.

We have some custom fields to priorize issues from different point of views. E.g. the custom fields "Priority development", "Priority Customer", "Priority User", "Priority Sales", ...

These fields are set by different people in our organization. E.g. the "Priority Sales" field is set by people of our Sales organization. Using these fields we are deriving the tickets for a new version by selecting those tickets with the highest priority in one of these custom fields.

Now it would be nice to be able to create a custom query where either the "Priority Sales" OR the "Priority Customer" OR ... has a high priority.

Can the Redmine Custom Query feature be enhanced to allow the formulation of OR concatenated filters?

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