Defect #31512

valid ldap auth_source item _has_ to be id 1

Added by Han Boetes over 3 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.0.3


After adding a new LDAP server to log on to, I couldn't delete the old LDAP server, so I removed the DB row in auth_sources. This didn't work, so I restored the old entry, which also didn't work. Then it struck me, the only difference was the rows `id`. Changing that did re-enable authentication. After that I saw the light, I added the new LDAP server and used the following commands to change the row id for the old LDAP server to 3 and the new LDAP entry to 1:

update auth_sources set id = '3' where id = '1';
update auth_sources set id = '1' where id = '2';

And only after that I could delete the original LDAP server in the web-interface and everything works as hoped for.

This should of course not be necessary.

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