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Issue filter: operator not support "is + AND"

Added by Taine Woo about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.0.4


Currently the operator of issue filter "is" actually acts as "is + OR", if there are multiple values selected after the operator "is", the logical connection between different values is "OR", so just like "is any of the values".
But if we want to filter the issues, using is xxx AND xxx AND xxx...., it's not working, because the filter set only support one instance for one filter.
Such as, filter Affected version can only be added for one time, with one operator and one value.


#1 Updated by Taine Woo about 3 years ago

the behavior of the operator for key/value list and also other enumeration with multiple value allowed, currently is "xxx of" actually, so actually if we need to filter them using as "all of", there is not operator for it.

The "is" filter (a.) should be named "is any of".

The "is not" filter (b.) should be named "empty or none of"

The "any" filter (c.) should be named "any of"

The "blank" filter (d.) is named correctly

And currently there is no AND filter, which could be named "all of". That's what I need.

#2 Updated by Taine Woo about 3 years ago

this is very important and useful for issues with fields multiple value allowed.
please help consider this implementation.

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