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Distinct can be removed due to unique constraint in database

Added by jwjw yy almost 3 years ago.

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Hi, we are a research team that aims to detect and fix performance and data constraints problems in application built upon ORM framework, such as Rails. Redmine provides us with a good platform.

There are two queries can be improved by removing the distinct keyword based on the unique constraint created in database.

@principals ||="#{Member.table_name}.project_id = ?", id).distinct

 @users ||="#{Member.table_name}.project_id = ?", 

constraint is redmine/db/migrate/20101104182107_add_unique_index_on_members.rb
add_index :members, [:user_id, :project_id], :unique => true

which means (user_id, project_id) will be unique. so this will make above two queries return distinct results without the `distinct` call.

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