Feature #33674

Cannot remove user from project when user is assigned to a group

Added by Juan Camacho over 2 years ago.

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What's the problem?

If I link a group and a project the "remove user" icon disappears from the members tab in the configuration of the project.

Current workflow

To delete a user (member of a group) from a project (whose group has been previously added to the project) I go to Administration -> Users -> User Id -> Projects -> Delete specific project

What do I expect?

To be able to remove a user (member of a group) from a project (with that group added to the list of members).

Redmine configuration

  Redmine version                4.1.1.devel
  Ruby version                   2.5.5-p157 (2019-03-15) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
  Rails version        
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               PostgreSQL
  Mailer queue                   ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
  Mailer delivery                smtp
  Git                            2.20.1
Redmine plugins:
  redmine_agile                  1.5.3
  redmine_dashboard              2.7.1
  redmine_datetime_custom_field  1.0.1
  redmine_indicator              0.2.13
  redmine_issue_evm              5.3.4
  redmine_issues_tree            0.0.14
  redmine_mentions               0.1.1
  redmine_omniauth_google        0.0.1
  redmine_rtmaterial             0.1.8
  responsive_redmine_tables      0.1.7

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