Defect #34306

When creating a custom query with role level security you can deselect your own role (making the query inaccessible)

Added by Immanuel Wilhelmy about 2 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.1.0


When you create a custom query and set security to role level, you can deselect your own role thus making the created query insvisible for yourself. Furthermore you can select a role which no one is assigned in the current project, making the query totally disappearing.

Desired behavior:
  • making it impossible to deselect your own role(s) when setting role level security (not clearly defined if you have more than one role) OR
  • only offer selection of roles which actually are used in the current project (i.e. where there is at least one user of the project, possessing the role)
    • caveat: if those roles do not have the right to edit custom queries, nobody will be able to edit it again

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