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Custom Strings as Unique Identifiers for issues

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Hello everybody,
I am completely new to Redmine so please forgive me if i am asking nonsensical, obsolete or stupid questions. I need your help and would be very grateful to anyone who can provide us with assistance!
We are running a large project, which involves the digitisation of cultural heritage. We have an interdisciplinary mix of teams from various institutions, with multiple levels and types of expertise in different areas. Therefore this is not solely a software development project but also involves the management of digitisation procedures, methodology development, webpage development, UI development, reporting, publications etc...
We have chosen Redmine after a lot of research following recommendations from our partners and now we have set up Redmine on a server and will commence enrichment. We have an existing system for numbering and codifying our tasks and issues. However, looking at Redmine i can see it automatically assigns numbers to issues. Is it feasible to assign our own numbering and codification scheme on existing tasks, features and projects? It will be confusing for us to be seeing a task numbered #34 when we already have the code 3.1.2 for it. We have dozens of tasks and subtasks and relative issues are anticipated to amount to thousands. Any suggestions how we might be able to have the header of the particular issue to be presented as "3.1.2 ISSUE TITLE" rather than "#34 ISSUE TITLE"?
I will be very grateful for any help.
All the best to all,

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