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Added by duane ellis 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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So - I am using the Python-Redmine package - (it works but it is painful to figure out :-()

To create an issue, I need to get (pass) the USER ID [which I think is a number] to assign the issue to.

Problem: The get users api in the python package reports "Forbidden" - it is redmine that is rejecting the request to list all users ok - thats a permissions problem.

Since I cannot look up anybody (I do not have permissions) i need to have users on their own determine their USER ID, where in the displays can a person figure out their user id? Which as I understand is a number

Note: I think this is sort of comical - (A) I can't use the API to create an issue without an USER ID, and (B) I have no means to determine what the ID is via the API {permissions issue} and (C) the GUI/HTML interface does not show this in for example the "about user" display, therefore there is no means to use the API to create an issue. It's a bad security chicken and egg problem! Suggestions please?


#1 Updated by duane ellis 11 months ago

what would be helpful is if there was an API method to convert a USERNAME into an ID number
And likewise a project name into a PROJECT ID number

ie: server.id_of_project("projectname")
or: server.id_of_user("joeblow")

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