Feature #36252

Make the wiki multi-lingual

Added by C S about 1 year ago.

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I've been trying for some time to bring the German version of the wiki up to date in the areas of the user guide. This is currently quite tedious, since then all pages that have already been translated with the respective links have to be converted to the German version.

It would be great if the wiki was multilingual.
I imagine it as follows:
  • English is the main language
  • All pages / hierarchy / etc. are created in English
  • A translation will be created / attached with the respective language abbreviation
  • No other language page can be created as an independent version, but must always be linked to the "original"
    The logged-in user selects his system language, and accordingly, if the translation is available, it will be redirected to it. If none is available, it ends up on the original, English version.

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