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Gantt error

Added by Bang Truong about 1 year ago.

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Hi Everybody,

I install version 4.2.3. The Gantt is working fine a long time. But, suddenly error below:

Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 1168ms (ActiveRecord: 47.1ms)

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `-@' for Mon, 01 Nov 2021:Date):
    133:   # Width of the entire chart
    134:   g_width = ((@gantt.date_to - @gantt.date_from + 1) * zoom).to_i
    135:   @gantt.render(:top => headers_height + 8,
    136:                 :zoom => zoom,
    137:                 :g_width => g_width,
    138:                 :subject_width => subject_width)

lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:637:in `coordinates'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:371:in `line'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:311:in `line_for_project'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:275:in `render_object_row'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:233:in `render_project'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:222:in `block in render'
app/models/project.rb:966:in `block in project_tree'
app/models/project.rb:961:in `each'
app/models/project.rb:961:in `project_tree'
lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb:220:in `render'
app/views/gantts/show.html.erb:135:in `_app_views_gantts_show_html_erb__1650289389054086982_82240'
app/controllers/gantts_controller.rb:43:in `block (2 levels) in show'
app/controllers/gantts_controller.rb:42:in `show'
lib/redmine/sudo_mode.rb:61:in `sudo_mode'

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