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Support all variation of same character in persian/arabic scripts

Added by salman mp 5 months ago.

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There is some characters in persian that sometimes typed in arabic form described here1.
Problem is that when you searching for some word e.g. «آبی» (means blue), if it already entered as «آبي» no result will be returned.

In other side, the solution can not be to replacing all occurance of "ي" to "ی". Because it is regular to have texts combinined of both Persian and Arabic parts. But it is desired when searching for «آبی», all words in other variant, returned.

This is the list of variant charachters.

Name Persian Unicode Arabic Unicode
0 ۰ U+06F0 ٠ U+0660
1 ۱ U+06F1 ١ U+0661
2 ۲ U+06F2 ٢ U+0662
3 ۳ U+06F3 ٣ U+0663
4 ۴ U+06F4 ٤ U+0664
5 ۵ U+06F5 ٥ U+0665
6 ۶ U+06F6 ٦ U+0666
7 ۷ U+06F7 ٧ U+0667
8 ۸ U+06F8 ٨ U+0668
9 ۹ U+06F9 ٩ U+0669
ye ی U+06CC ي U+064A
kāf ک U+06A9 ك U+0643

1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_alphabet#Deviations_from_the_Arabic_script

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