Feature #37253

I need a "comment creation date/time" as a filtering item on my ticket!

Added by Itaru Tanaka 8 months ago.

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In the ticket filtering, if you can filter tickets that have a comment in the "Comment Creation Date" field, you can extract tickets that have been created after that date.

If we can extract the tickets after that date, it will allow the Project Manager to efficiently check and respond to tickets that have been responded to.

(Project Manager can check tickets and respond to comments when they are free.)
(The Project Manager would like to check and respond to any comments made since the last time when he/she has a spare moment.)


The current filter function can extract tickets with an update date as a key.
However, it does not know if that ticket is an update with comments or not.

In the ticket filtering, the "Comment Creation Date" field allows you to specify a date for tickets with comments.
If the ticket filtering function can extract tickets that were created after the date of the comment, it would be more efficient for the administrator to check for tickets that have been responded to.
This would allow the administrator to efficiently check for tickets that have been responded to.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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