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remember OpenID login confirmation / continue OpenID login when not logged into redmine yet

Added by n eeels over 1 year ago.

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At, we have a instance, where we use OpenID with our redmine to log in to gerrit.
The login sequence via OpenID can be extremely cumbersome, and i am seeing that every day, over and over again.
The worst case sequence I get on a daily basis is:

- on gerrit, click login (to comment on a patch for example)
- select as OpenID provider
- first wants me to log in (because i was previously not logged in)
- after login, i am not directed back to gerrit, but remain on redmine. other site's login procedure was aborted.
- pull up that gerrit link again -- am not logged in on gerrit yet.
- click gerrit login again
- now redmine asks me to confirm whether to share login with I have to click "Yes".
- only now am I logged in on gerrit.

This so much less convenient than a password manager in the browser that fills in user name and password, and i just hit enter and done.
However, our gerrit only allows OpenID login, so I am forever stuck with above sequence.

The above could improve in these two ways:

- When redmine is asked to provide an OpenID login for another site, do not drop that request when i am not logged in on redmine yet.
So i.e. some other site requests OpenID login, then, if required, do first ask the user to log in on redmine,
but then continue to complete the OpenID login on the other site.

- When I give redmine confirmation that it is ok to share the OpenID login with another site, provide a tick mark saying "remember this choice",
so that i do not have to click "Yes" every day over again.

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