Defect #3984

On-the-fly user creation fails silently if LDAP attribute is not found for new user

Added by Stefan Stefansson about 13 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Category:Accounts / authentication
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Resolution: Affected version:0.8.5


I've turned on on-the-fly creation of users in the LDAP authentication settings and filled in the appropriate attributes to copy for login, first name, last name and email.

A few of the users in our LDAP directory do not have an email defined while most of them do. When I log in a user for the first time that has an email defined everything works fine. However, if I log in a user who does not have an email address defined in LDAP, the login fails completely but without giving the reason.

Proposed solution:
Best would be if the login succeeds but the user is prompted with a message and asked to fill in the missing information about himself. This is what happens when the attributes fields are left completely blank and no mapping done between these fields and the attributes in LDAP. Then, redMine prompts the user upon first login to fill in this information.


#1 Updated by Rick Mason over 10 years ago

I also see this on Redmine 2.0.0. For a user with no email address the initial login attempt responds with "Invalid user or password". This seems to be a regression of #1042.

#2 Updated by Terence Mill over 10 years ago

If email is required in ldap it shall be filled, if for redmine it it required it shalle be prompted.

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