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In Reports, simple Show Estimated Time/Hours assigned to Each USER

Added by Man Cool over 15 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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In the REPORTS, it would be nice to easily see "Estimated/Projected" hours assigned to a Particular User.
(maybe per project and over 'all projects')
Also, easy list of projected/estimated work hours left on a PROJECT ...

Basically, you want to be able to look at REPORTS and see, hmmm we've estimated this project still has 60 hours of worktime
needed and 50% of that is supposed to be done by JOE and the Due date is in THREE Days! We need to reshuffle/reassign
work to other users so we can get the project done, or maybe extend due date on some issues/features in the project
etc.....sorry if this is somehow doable and I missed it, I'm quite new, still trying to figure out why i don't have
a gantt link on the left like on your own demo installation...thnx


#1 Updated by nico nico almost 14 years ago

+2, This funcionality would let you control the estimated time for each team member.

And the same thing in the plug-in TimeSheet, it would be interesting.

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