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Queue Sorting Option akin to Netflix

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I have tried to find a way to do this with the current stable feature set, and have not otherwise been able to find something within Redmine that works. I am not sure if this should be divided into more than one issue submission.

In Netflix, in your queue, if you have 10 items, numbered 1 through 10. You decide to replace the 1 spot with say, the 7th item.

  • you simply select item 7 and renumber it to 1
  • hit update queue, and the 7th item becomes the 1st, and all other items get resorted (1st becomes 2nd, etc, filling the gaps downwards.

I would like to see the same logic in Redmine with custom fields. Say I have a set of trackers under various projects that are all under a particular custom field "product manager" (list format) and have a currently used "PM priority" custom field (integer) - the latter would be the kind of area what I would be interested in having this intelligent sorting feature applied to. If in turn I have multiple custom fields like this, that each allows the ability to sort in such a way.

Basically, a custom field that allows for intelligent sorting.

This is based on the fact that I managed large amounts of small technical projects that are apportioned both to lower level product managers by vertical product line, but also are mass reviewed by myself and the VP of Engineering as one full queue, and wanted an automatic re-sorting based on the Netflix queue model, since it seems to provide a fairly clean way to deal with the rather large number of .


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