Defect #4588

In status form of version view, link to issues results limited.

Added by Kihyun Yun almost 13 years ago.

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I shared several versions with two projects, one is parent, and the other is child. I defined these versions in child project.
And the parent project has some issues, and child too.

In parent project, the shared version is shown (GREAT), and it shows all issues from parent and child (NICE!!).

But I clicked the the issues link at status form of version view. Result of issue search condition is limited to child project.

Especially, two projects have different trackers and categories.

In link to user's issue results limited to child project because this version was defined at child project.

In roadmap view, link to version jumps to child projects version view.
But the result of issues retrieved from two projects.

In my humble opinion, the result must be retrieved from top most projects.
Or the result must be displayed more detail style.

For example.

By category Total Project Count Graph
A 10 parent 0
A child 10 ---------
B 10 parent 5
B child 5 ---------

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