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Global views for multiproject instalations

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When you use redmine to manage multiple projects, you often want Issue summaries across all projects, list RoadMap for "system" shared versions, Activity for all my projects, and maybe even a common wiki.

Views for some of these reports already exist like /issues, /activity, /versions/show/...

It could be useful to create navigation tabs on redmine homepage to link to these:

Overview | Activity | RoadMap | Issues | Wiki


#1 Updated by Bernd Worsch over 9 years ago


We are running Redmine in a multiproject environment and i'd like to see this.

I propose adding a new entry "Site" in the topline navigator and putting whatever functionality redmine provides to help with managing multiple projects there.
The navigator could read: "Home My page Site Projects Help"

Maybe there is a plugin to solve this and other issues about handling multiple projects?

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