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Added by oliver stieber over 14 years ago.

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I know there are installation instructions on the wiki, but it would be really nice to have some kind of installer for redmine (and deb packages would be cool too).

Maybe your waiting until you reach 1.0 and only want competent people who will do good testing and bug reports to play around / see it at the moment?

I say this because people (including myself!) tend not to fully read things. When I initially and even the second time I went to install redmine I just blindly kinda followed the command line bits of the installation process and didn't look at the bit that says which version of whatever I needed to install and run a particular version of redmine, or I did I just didn't correlate the version numbers that are hard coded in the redmine installation instructions page with the version numbers in the command lines and so replace them.

It may be a good idea to update the wiki with [matcing version of rails for version of redmine] etc... to make it a littler clearer and not have people thinking that redmine didn't work like I initially did.

Also looking at the different instructions for different distributions etc... they all see to advice different (sometimes completely different) things to do, e.g. ubuntu says to use an old version of redmine with virtual box. debian says you can use packages etc... (don't the deb packages work with ubuntu?)

Also after I finally got redmine (on my third attempt) working there were some features I was really expecting to be in there (like issue dependancies and dependancies) that weren't in there. There were some kind of relation ship things that I couldn't quite work out what they were supposed to do by their names and dependant / child/ pendant/ parent (the ones I was really after) didn't seem to be there.

After a bit of head scratching I found out that it was supported by installing a plugin, it would be nice to have the installation script or whatever also install plugins by name and by feature and also to have packages for those plugins.

It may also be a good idea to update the redmine installation instructions so that they mention a list of additional features that are supported by installing plugins and which plugin to install to get that feature with a pointer to the documentation and installation instruction fot it.

Also the installation howtos following page I think should really be tidied up and integrated with the core redmine install page. (note the redmine installation instructions which is also really a how to doesn't seem to be listed).

I don't mind doing it if you let me know what you would like doing. I'm not working at the moment so have plenty of time to do things (though I also have plenty of things to do, I need something like redmine so that I can organize them all and give me (and my girlfiend) a nice stream of tickets, since if I don't have a list of things to do I either end up doing nothing or just doing things impulsively and not usually in the most productive or correct priority order)

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