Feature #4960

Links to latest version of all files modified by a tickets associated revisions

Added by Philip Edwards almost 13 years ago.

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In our organization we do large amounts of peer code review. This is done one a per Issue basis. Often there can be 20-30 subversion commits per ticket by multiple developers. Each of these commits may modify multiple files. The review process involves sanity checking code and enforcing coding and application standards on the completed Issue. When it comes to identifying what files to review, reviewers need to look within multiple associated revisions.

It would be invaluable to have a list of files that have been modified by the associated revisions. This list could be collapsible and appear underneath Related Issues on the show issue screen. The link text would be the file path within the repository and when clicked would take the user directly to the HEAD revision of that file.

This list of files modified per Issue would simplify and speed up the code review process. Often we merge functionality between projects sharing a similar code base. To have a list of files referenced for a feature ticket would also allow us quickly identify what files to merge into other code bases.

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