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Repository Interaction

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I want Redmine to interact with repository files and folders in a manner similiar to Github and at the same time address these already existing issues:

My goal is to it implement these repository features (ordered by importance):

  1. All repository files/folders are statically served via HTTP (addressing the problems from #1410)
  2. Hybrid manual/dynamic generation of zipped folders/files (most likely required for 1)
  3. URL generation widget and clipboard widgets
  4. Inline Code editing with commit (wishlist)

Merging Redmine with GitHub's best features would make it unstoppable. I am unsure of the exact complexities but I should have estimates and a few prototypes within a week or two.


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Status Update:

  1. Using send_file with the x_sendfile option (send_file ... :x_sendfile=>true). This would pass the request to the webserver freeing resources and limitations. It is only compatable with Lighttpd/Apache2. I am unsure if Lighttpd/Apache2 can see particular revisions within a repository. It may be necessary to create a temporary file.
  2. N/A
  3. GitHub's copy to clipboard widget is open source and hosted on GitHub. It even comes with a nice ruby helper. I also extracted the url widget from github and am currently redesigning it for the default Redmine theme.
  4. N/A

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