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Textile Style Tags

Added by Cyber Sprocket over 12 years ago.

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Would be nice if the style attribute for Textile could be used in Redmine. I read about the XSS concerns.

It should be possible to make this a configurable option in the administrative settings for the site. There are multiple methods that may work:

  • Checkbox "turn on Textile style attributes, I am aware it can open my site to XSS vulnerabilities", which is check off by default.
  • Pulldown "turn on Textile style attributes" with a selection for the various user "levels", i.e. manager only. Again put the XSS warning below.

This would really help us better format our public Wiki documents. If Textile styles are not possible, maybe a way to perform div-style blocks with positional parameters? Such as only allowing the padding and margin qualifiers on various attributes (

 and */<ul> for example).


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