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Showing diff of structural changes in repository

Added by Joonas Pulakka about 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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Currently (1.0.1) the "Repository -> View differences" only shows differences in source code files. It should be able to show also have some kind of "Changed files" view so that changes in directory structure and added and deleted (possibly binary) files could be visualized.

TortoiseSVN's "Compare revisions" / "Changed files" views are a model example of this.

An extra feature for comparing binary files could be showing their md5 or sha1 hashes.

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#2 Updated by random tao over 11 years ago

It would be very useful to output changed files between revisions in "View differences" with ability to click on them to go to their changes, this feature i miss the most from TRAC.

something like output of "git diff --name-status "

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