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Change PDF page size

Added by Eric Gallimore over 13 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

PDF export
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By default, when exporting issues (or anything else) to a PDF file in Redmine, it creates a PDF file with A4 page sizes.

In some countries (such as the US), letter size paper is commonly used instead of A4 paper, and it is more convenient to print PDF files with letter-sized pages.

RFPDF supports the following page sizes:
  • a3
  • a4
  • a5
  • letter
  • legal

You can trivially modify the default paper size by editing source:trunk/vendor/plugins/rfpdf/lib/rfpdf/fpdf.rb (line 58). However, I suspect that this should be done by reading an administrative setting in source:trunk/lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb and changing the function call on line 35, thus allowing the user to set the default paper size from the administration area.

I'm afraid that properly adding a configuration variable is beyond my abilities

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Updated by Tobias Dussa about 11 years ago

Beyond the obvious capability to switch between usual paper sizes (say, A4 and letter), this issue has another aspect:

When printing a gantt chart for a more complex project, A4 just will not do. It would be great if it was possible to print such charts on, say, A0.

RFPDF seems to support this in principle; patching lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb produces A0 pages. However, this obviously is not a very general solution to the problem.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 11 years ago

  • Category changed from Administration to PDF export
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Updated by Tobias Dussa almost 10 years ago

Are there any news on this issue?

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Updated by Fabián Rodríguez almost 5 years ago

On Debian 9.9 and Redmine 3.3.1, editing /usr/share/redmine/lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb and changing "a0" to "letter" at line 33 I was able to the the format I needed.

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Updated by Ted Felix about 4 years ago

Just did this with redmine 4.1.0. Went to:


Found the following line:

super(orientation, 'mm', 'A4')

Changed the 'A4' to 'letter'. Had to restart redmine, and now my pdf's are 8.5 x 11.


Also available in: Atom PDF