Feature #7523

Repository Initialization

Added by F. Stoffel almost 12 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2011-02-02
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Please change the repository page for uninitialized repositories (for example: disable the page completely or or display an 'not yet initialized' message instead of the current 'please select an scm' prompt).

Reason: every time a new project with a svn repository is created, the repository configuration page prompts the user to select a scm, until the reposman.rb script has created the repository. This prompt leads to non functional scm's associated to some project, because the users open the project settings immediately after the project has been created, see the prompt and do what Redmine appearently want's them to do: selecting an scm and filling out the repository details.
This also have the effect, that (at least for svn repositories) usernames and passwords are stored unencrypted in the project settings, since the svn repository configuration requires login and password to be entered.

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