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Adding a project param to perl auth module

Added by Diego Suárez García almost 12 years ago.

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In my job we use Redmine and recently we had the need for authenticating the access to a test domain, based on which users have access to the related project. I created a small patch to the module, that adds a new optional apache directive (RedmineDbProject), so you can link a VirtualHost to a specific project and ask for credentials on user access. That way, only the users included in that project can see that VirtualHost contents.

I felt somebody else might have the same needs. The directive is optional and the behaviour is transparent if it's not included in the conf file, therefore I think it can make it to the core.

The revision is 5506 (last change on on 5232), and it's the trunk version.

Best Regards,

Diego Suárez García.

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