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Menu does not show on IE 9 beta

Added by Charles Monteiro about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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Menu shows up on Chrome and FireFox but not on IE 9 beta.

Actually, its a pretty big issue for me since I use a biometric fingerprint reader and unfortunately its currently only working with IE. Firefox 4 killed the addon for that and they don't have a Chrome extension yet.

See this quick vid I captured demonstrating the issue:

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Duplicates Redmine - Defect #7954: IE 9 can not select issues, does not display context menu Closed 2011-03-21


#1 Updated by Brett Patterson about 11 years ago

I can semi-reproduce the issue using 1.0.3.stable (yes, old version I know, but we're waiting on 1.2).

Just to confirm we have the same issue, after you right-click on an issue, hit the escape key. I think the menu may be showing up under the main context menu but because the context menu is huge in IE 9, the Redmine context menu is being hidden.

IE 9 redid some of their event handlers, and any PrototypeJS version less than 1.7 will exhibit "weird" behavior. Our instance of redmine is running PrototypeJS I believe the fix would be to update PrototpyeJS to 1.7 to solve this issue.

Can you install the trunk version of redmine as a test to see if this is still an issue? I see Jean-Philippe updated to Prototype 1.7 on the 04-15-2011, so perhaps this is already fixed.

#2 Updated by Charles Monteiro about 11 years ago

nope, esc , just gets rid of the IE menu , see here:

#3 Updated by Etienne Massip about 11 years ago

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Closed as duplicate of #7954, fix has already been committed, will be released with 1.2.0 or 1.1.3, whichever comes first.

#4 Updated by Charles Monteiro about 11 years ago

Sorry, is there a ball park estimate of when that release may happen ? thanks

#5 Updated by Etienne Massip about 11 years ago

According to the Roadmap, 1.2.0 is due to 2011-04-30, at the end of the week, so I guess there will be no 1.1.3.

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