Defect #8866

BugTraq references in commit message breaks revision references

Added by Joshua Stein about 11 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2011-07-20
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Resolution: Affected version:1.2.1


We use BugTraq properties to relate our commits to Redmine issues. This can cause issues when referencing a revision in a wiki page.

When you add a revision reference in a wiki page such as r123, this works fine on the wiki page that contains the reference.

If that page is then included on another page the reference will break if the commit message contains a Redmine style markup such as #123.

This was tested with both Subversion and Git commits again Redmine 1.2.1.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Commit a revision to the repository with an issue reference in it. For example: Closes Issue #123 : Problem with xyz has been resolved.
  2. On a wiki page place a reference to that revision. For Example: This wiki page is about the changes in this revision r123.
  3. Now go to another wiki page and use the include macro to include the page in the step above.

Notice the r link is now broken.

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