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Changesets link to issues even without the keyword prefix

Added by Andrew Betts over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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In settings, it is possible to configure a keyword that must be prefixed to #number in order to link the changeset to a redmine issue. However, redmine appears to ignore this and links the changeset to any issues that match numbers prefixed with hashes in the text of the comment.

For example, if I wrote in a commit message:

"Removed the text '#4' from this page (redmine #5)"

This will get associated (correctly) with issue 5, and incorrectly with issue 4, which it has nothing to do with. I have found a fix for the association, which is to remove the question mark following the second capturing subgroup on line 117 of app/models/changeset.rb. This makes the keyword mandatory in the scan_comment_for_issue_ids method. However, I can't figure out how to prevent the #4 from becoming a link to issue 4 in the revision history page. This seems to be a very low level thing, and I'm afraid I am not a rails developer so the trail went cold on that one.


Screen_Shot_2011-08-24_at_17.53.22.png (33.1 KB) Screen_Shot_2011-08-24_at_17.53.22.png Screenshot of repo config for test case Andrew Betts, 2011-08-24 18:54
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Updated by Andrew Betts over 12 years ago

I should have stated that in my test case, I am assuming that the repository settings are configured to require a keyword prefix of 'redmine'.

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Updated by Etienne Massip over 12 years ago

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Did you remove the asterisk?

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Updated by Andrew Betts over 12 years ago

Slightly better example: We have multiple tracking systems, so sometimes there are #number references in our commit messages that do not relate to redmine. In this commit message:

redmine 3907, redmine #2839, #2138, helpdesk 1975, helpdesk #1974, #1503

I would expect redmine to link #2839 and possibly #2138, but not 3907, 1975, 1974 or 1503. In practice it links anything that matches the #number pattern, regardless of its prefix, which means it's linking the helpdesk request IDs to irrelevant redmine issues.


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