Defect #9888

Got login screen when trying to submit new issue, lost all my text!

Added by Hisham Al-Shurafa almost 11 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:1.3.0


For some reason, my redmine session was invalidated when updating an existing issue. I didn't know until it was too late -- when I hit the submit button. At that point redmine took me to the login screen and there didn't seem to be anyway to get the text I wrote back. I had to re-enter everything again.

Easiest way to repro is do the following:

1) Create a new issue, enter in some text for subject and body. Do not hit submit yet.

2) On a different tab in your browser login to redmine then sign out

3) Now go back to your other tab and click the submit button, redmine will take you to the login screen since you're not authorized anymore. At this point you've lost all of what you've typed in the previous screen.

Very annoying. Redmine should atleast have told me I'm unauthorized and I will lose all my changes and given me an option to cancel so I can save my text manually. Or we can support something more involved like having a concept of auto-saved drafts much like Gmail.

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