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# Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
26355 Redmine Feature New Notification settings for groups 2020-01-15 16:34 Email notifications Actions
26353 Redmine Feature New Show thumbnails on news 2017-07-05 04:11 Attachments Actions
26320 Redmine Feature New Introduce time-based release schedule 2017-07-03 16:10 Website ( Actions
26303 Redmine Feature New Wiki include macro : add icons for editing and viewing an included wiki page 2017-06-29 13:54 Wiki Actions
26222 Redmine Feature New automatic filling of due date after status change 2017-06-29 08:26 Issues Actions
26200 Redmine Feature New Improvement of precedes/follows relations in setting start/end dates 2017-06-19 20:21 Issues planning Actions
26155 Redmine Feature New Show projects' hierarchy in 'Spent time' report 2017-07-13 07:47 Time tracking Actions
26154 Redmine Feature New Quickly created new issues 2018-02-15 10:48 Issues list Actions
26105 Redmine Feature New Update Redmine Brand 2017-06-06 18:29 Actions
26096 Redmine Feature New [API] Get custom field by id 2017-06-09 09:16 REST API Actions
26045 Redmine Feature New Does API REST show fields added by plugins? 2017-12-01 22:25 REST API Actions
26024 Redmine Feature New Download all files of all projects 2017-05-23 15:50 Documents Actions
26017 Redmine Feature New Get also labels for key/value custom fields by API 2017-05-22 20:40 REST API Actions
26007 Redmine Feature New custom field as datatype User that shows in my page the issues refer and sends an email notification to user refered by the custom field 2017-06-19 06:27 Custom fields Actions
26001 Redmine Feature New Recode IP Address and Device Name to issue 2017-05-25 16:45 Issues Actions
25925 Redmine Feature New Fold away "Change properties" when adding an issue note 2017-05-17 10:33 UI Actions
25924 Redmine Feature New add project name and issue subject for redmine log file when user delete issue 2017-07-18 12:14 Issues Actions
25808 Redmine Feature New Allow import issues and time entries on multiple projects (map Project field to a column from CSV) 2023-03-13 13:06 Importers Actions
25786 Redmine Feature New Disable history for some custom fields 2017-06-06 14:19 Custom fields Actions
25778 Redmine Feature New Changing issue status from logtime windows 2017-05-07 14:06 Time tracking Actions
25773 Redmine Feature New Add more custom fields types to criteria in time entries report 2017-06-02 08:34 Time tracking Actions
25747 Redmine Feature New Spent time - CUSTOM fields - edit permission - WEB UI vs. API access 2019-05-14 22:05 Actions
25722 Redmine Feature New Mail to User/Group in case of "Immediate" issues 2017-04-28 15:24 Email notifications Actions
25721 Redmine Feature New Project Issues Sequence Number 2017-07-20 23:36 Custom fields Actions
25719 Redmine Feature New Defining the which role/permission propagate to sub projects 2017-04-27 23:55 Project settings Actions
25703 Redmine Feature New Filter involving relations inter fields 2017-04-26 17:38 Issues filter Actions
25701 Redmine Feature New Dynamical dates in import issues functionnality 2017-05-25 08:41 Importers Actions
25692 Redmine Feature New Add current quarter to date filters 2017-04-25 09:06 Issues filter Actions
25688 Redmine Feature New setting of max length of board title 2017-05-24 05:47 Forums Actions
25686 Redmine Feature New Make the issues sidebar menu use accordion with JQuery 2018-11-30 11:10 Issues Actions
25667 Redmine Feature New Generalise implementation of view / controller hooks for easier plugin development 2017-05-21 05:05 Plugin API Actions
25648 Redmine Feature New PDF export without history 2017-04-27 15:14 PDF export Actions
25647 Redmine Feature New Max Character Length of Fields e.g. Roles, etc. 2017-04-20 11:42 Actions
25625 Redmine Feature New Turn issue numbers into UUIDs 2017-04-17 19:34 Issues Actions
25606 Redmine Feature New Sending email while changing subject line 2017-05-11 19:12 Email notifications Actions
25534 Redmine Feature New Dynamic filters 2017-04-06 14:50 UI Actions
25527 Redmine Feature New customize the hash tag in Redmine Receiving Emails 2017-05-05 11:51 Email receiving Actions
25517 Redmine Feature New I want to use the Redmine time tracking more loosely than currently required. 2017-04-30 16:09 Time tracking Actions
25513 Redmine Feature New New custom field type for Project Level (similar to "List type") - per Project specific set of values 2018-12-27 15:55 Custom fields Actions
25510 Redmine Feature New New Issue Page When user select a particular group, the next drop down displays the members in the selected group, 2017-04-04 09:31 Groups Actions
25493 Redmine Feature New Duplicate sub-task to several sub-projects 2017-04-01 09:49 Issues Actions
25482 Redmine Feature New A recursive watcher option/mode 2017-03-30 16:02 Email notifications Actions
25418 Redmine Feature New Allow Custom Field Lists to list working links 2017-04-22 04:43 Custom fields Actions
25384 Redmine Feature New Add new issue relation type: Obsoletes and Obsoleted_by 2017-03-21 16:06 Issues Actions
25383 Redmine Feature New A feature to add (signature / date) 2017-04-19 17:22 Actions
25359 Redmine Feature New Customize assignees for each department 2017-03-17 22:07 Groups Actions
25358 Redmine Feature New Read-only reports of Permissions and Workflows 2017-03-17 15:53 Permissions and roles Actions
25357 Redmine Feature New "Raw view" of a file in repository 2017-06-02 18:51 UI Actions
25287 Redmine Feature New List all issues that are mentioned in a ticket 2021-12-29 18:32 Issues Actions
25285 Redmine Feature New Autofilling "Notes" with a user defined template while changing Status. 2021-11-22 15:19 Plugin Request Actions
25247 Redmine Feature New Change wording in Role Admin View 2017-03-02 22:56 UI Actions
25209 Redmine Feature New Option for users to add values to list / key/value custom fields 2020-02-05 00:13 Custom fields Actions
25208 Redmine Feature New Autocomplete option for text custom fields 2017-02-27 12:45 Custom fields Actions
25198 Redmine Feature New Add rank in search result as data attribute 2018-04-28 09:40 Search engine Actions
25140 Redmine Feature New [API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens 2018-08-01 08:36 REST API Actions
25129 Redmine Feature New Group based custom queries 2022-11-22 16:00 Issues Actions
25082 Redmine Feature New Make issue totals checkbox visible per custom field 2017-02-15 16:11 Actions
25043 Redmine Feature New Custom fields (type List): values inheritance, per project values 2018-12-27 15:56 Custom fields Actions
25040 Redmine Feature New Save spent time in minutes (integer) rather than hours (float) for better accuracy 2017-02-09 21:42 Time tracking Actions
25035 Redmine Feature New Option to set current date as a default value of date format custom field 2023-04-17 08:19 Custom fields Actions
25012 Redmine Feature New Allow both '.' and ',' decimal symbols for input of float custom fields 2023-09-06 19:16 Custom fields Actions
25010 Redmine Feature New Assign ticket to role instead of group 2017-02-06 10:58 Actions
25000 Redmine Feature New Make Key/value list format custom field values (custom_field_enumerations) searchable 2017-02-10 06:17 Search engine Actions
24967 Redmine Feature New Option to sort users project by either Project/Roles 2017-02-01 09:01 UI Actions
24956 Redmine Feature New Add an "organization" custom field on User model (for website) 2017-01-30 18:16 Website ( Actions
24946 Redmine Feature New Issue rating (like button or vote up button) 2019-11-22 16:07 Issues list Actions
24944 Redmine Feature New Global maintenance mode 2022-10-05 09:39 Administration Actions
24941 Redmine Feature New Search engine : Make acronyms as a priority 2017-01-27 20:51 Search engine Actions
24940 Redmine Feature New New issue : Hide watchers into a spoiler 2017-02-23 07:40 UI Actions
24934 Redmine Feature New New issue watch list limit isn't configurable 2017-01-30 02:01 Issues Actions
24920 Redmine Feature New Setup visibility of issue for specific custom file value for specific role 2017-02-23 06:22 Custom fields Actions
24884 Redmine Feature New Allow to set which fields should be visible for child issue on their's parent issue 2017-01-20 11:49 Issues Actions
24871 Redmine Feature New Create one site for all MY information 2017-01-18 22:18 UI Actions
24808 Redmine Feature New OAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider) 2022-09-16 19:54 REST API Actions
24788 Redmine Feature New Delete automatically duplicate blank lines 2017-01-12 01:05 Email receiving Actions
24782 Redmine Feature New Use POST to export Issue query results to CSV instead of GET 2018-05-01 05:07 Issues filter Actions
24770 Redmine Feature New Custom field: issue linking 2023-07-18 16:08 Custom fields Actions
24766 Redmine Feature New Custom fields grouping 2021-01-15 16:54 Custom fields Actions
24763 Redmine Feature New Force SSL when Setting.protocol is "https" 2023-08-22 10:54 Administration Actions
24706 Redmine Feature New Conditional or Alternate View of an issue's content. 2016-12-27 23:51 Issues Actions
24671 Redmine Feature New Make the header fixed 2018-01-08 07:06 UI Actions
24662 Redmine Feature New Add option to remove trailing whitespace on saving wiki pages 2017-01-09 12:13 Text formatting Actions
24611 Redmine Feature New Plugin installer on the Administration page 2016-12-14 15:10 Administration Actions
24533 Redmine Feature New Change HTML title of tickets to #nr type 2017-11-29 16:45 UI Actions
24526 Redmine Feature New Allow to flag selected issues status as "draft" suppressing notifications and activity-entries for this status values 2016-12-03 17:21 Issues workflow Actions
24525 Redmine Feature New Team Foundation Server Repository Integration 2016-12-02 16:17 SCM Actions
24521 Redmine Feature New Add time contingent for projects 2017-09-06 17:39 Time tracking Actions
24520 Redmine Feature New Use more secure hashing algorigthm 2016-12-02 14:27 Accounts / authentication Actions
24513 Redmine Feature New Search result - show custom field and values in search result 2016-12-01 15:03 Search engine Actions
24490 Redmine Feature New Make subtask list collapsible when viewing 2019-12-11 10:31 Issues Actions
24477 Redmine Feature New CSV export feature for thousand of issues 2016-11-28 19:50 Actions
24399 Redmine Feature New Enhance referencing and fixing issue in commit message (e.g. no space between words) 2016-11-24 14:43 SCM Actions
24383 Redmine Feature New REST API for time entries does should support updated_on filter 2016-11-16 14:34 REST API Actions
24381 Redmine Feature New Better means to pull issue relations on Rest API 2016-11-16 10:58 REST API Actions
24346 Redmine Feature New My page - Spent time: add predefined parameter "This week" 2017-01-20 10:31 My page Actions
24345 Redmine Feature New Reload issue detail view on modification by other user 2016-11-14 11:05 Issues Actions
24331 Redmine Feature New Replace "Issues" with the tracker name on each project when there is only one 2016-11-21 16:34 Issues Actions
24299 Redmine Feature New Reflect project membership changes in Activity history 2016-11-24 17:14 Accounts / authentication Actions
24285 Redmine Feature New Defect Density with respect to severity 2016-11-07 13:24 Plugin Request Actions
24282 Redmine Feature New Add inheritance of the class from the parent projects 2016-11-24 16:39 UI Actions
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