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32836RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r19430)2020-01-19 05:47Translations
32835RedminePatchNewMake breadcrumbs in repository browser copy-paste friendly2020-01-18 10:37SCM
32829RedmineDefectNewHTML entities instead of non-breaking space near ordering handles2020-01-17 01:34UI
32828RedminePatchNewFix Russian translation in 4.1.02020-01-17 11:20Translations
32821RedmineFeatureNew The ability to disable the distribution of notifications to group members2020-01-16 12:47Email notifications
32818RedmineFeatureNewAdd a system settings for default results display format of project query2020-01-16 10:00Projects
32813RedminePatchNewClean up toggleMultiSelect function2020-01-15 11:24Code cleanup/refactoring
32804RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Include issue count/list in versions and/or filter by issue count2020-01-14 11:13REST API
32801RedmineFeatureNewLimit/Filter/Postpone the amount of shown projects and groups that the user is a member of2020-01-14 01:12Performance
32796RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Ability to get time entries report2020-01-13 09:21REST API
32793RedmineDefectNewEmail address with Punycode top-level domain is not accepted2020-01-17 14:14Accounts / authentication
32783RedmineFeatureNewAfter creating custom field return to custom fields tab2020-01-10 16:42Custom fields
32774RedmineDefectConfirmedCreating time tracking entry for other user through rest API doesn't work2020-01-13 18:34Time tracking
32773RedmineFeatureNewFilter for showing subproject childrens on Projects page2020-01-08 13:59Projects
32770RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackText formating on Redmine Home page does not work2020-01-13 22:28Text formatting
32766RedmineFeatureNewRemove the URI limitation from external markdown links2020-01-08 17:49Text formatting
32765RedmineDefectNew##123 syntax for linking to issues: Title cannot be distinguished from following text2020-01-18 13:48Text formatting
32764RedmineFeatureNewMake form validation errors more obvious for users 2020-01-09 06:40UI
32762RedmineDefectNewUnicode character fails edit Issue2020-01-07 11:54
32752RedmineDefectNewRuby 2.7: Remove deprecated URI.escape/unescape2020-01-11 08:45Ruby support
32747RedminePatchNewFix wrong translation for "time entries" in redmine 4.1.02020-01-11 15:11Translations
32740RedmineDefectConfirmedIncorrect characters when copying out of a Redmine generated PDF2020-01-05 11:04PDF export
32739RedmineDefectReopenedTruncated images are still attached to the ticket when created by incoming e-mail2020-01-06 10:03Email receiving
32737RedmineDefectNewGantt Tab - 500 - An error occurred while executing the query - A column has been specified more than once in the order by list2020-01-15 08:07Gantt
32732RedmineDefectNewHow can I increase the word length of a subject?2019-12-31 10:15Issues

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