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33283RedmineDefectNewCan't detect support of thumbnails for PDF attachments2020-04-09 12:34Attachments
33281RedmineDefectNewThe order of the totals of project custom fields ignores their position value2020-04-08 17:05Projects
33276RedmineFeatureNewadd per project configuration of Custom fields / Spent time2020-04-08 09:25Custom fields
33275RedmineDefectNewCustom fields / Format List - "Possible values" is not marked as mandatory (cosmetic)2020-04-08 08:44Custom fields
33273RedmineDefectConfirmedtotal esitmated time column shows up as decimal value regardless of time setting2020-04-08 08:34Issues list
33268RedminePatchNewAdd missing test: ProjectCustomField creation2020-04-07 13:34
33267RedmineDefectNewunable to verify SHA256 sums for download releases 4.1.1 / 4.0.72020-04-07 13:30Website (
33257RedmineDefectNewBulk edit for time entries does not support User filed2020-04-06 08:23Time tracking
33256RedmineFeatureNewShow wiki toolbar for spent time custom fields with text formatting enabled2020-04-05 16:09Time tracking
33255RedmineDefectNewIssue auto complete doesn't work for custom fields with text formatting enabled on issue bulk edit page 2020-04-06 08:43Issues
33254RedmineFeatureNewShow open/closed status in Issue pages2020-04-05 14:20Issues
33253RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackFailed to upgrade to v4.12020-04-05 17:01Database
33250RedmineDefectNewUseless white box appears over the the tooltip in EdgeHTML2020-04-04 08:29UI
33244RedminePatchNewOptimize core fields2020-04-03 00:26Performance
33240RedmineDefectNewIssue subjects in gantt are broken in Internet Explorer if the avatar server is inaccessible2020-04-02 17:00Gantt
33234RedmineDefectNewVertical scroll bar in some browsers hide content2020-04-02 18:05UI
33232RedmineDefectNewHard-coded string "An error occurred while executing the query and has been logged. Please report this error to your Redmine administrator." 2020-04-02 01:17Translations
33220RedmineDefectNewThe Parent task subject is broken when the width of the column is wider.2020-04-02 01:11Gantt
33216RedmineFeatureNew/my/account: Prevent users from changing their Email [redmine 4.1.0 stable]2020-03-31 10:11Accounts / authentication
33211RedminePatchNewInclude block columns (ex: Description, Last notes) in CSV export when option "All columns" is selected 2020-03-29 15:24
33210RedmineFeatureNewAdd "Filters" category to redmine.org2020-03-31 08:08Website (
33207RedmineFeatureNewQuickly launch Redmine trial environment with Docker2020-03-29 10:47Administration
33206RedminePatchNewUnable to autoload constant Version.table_name if gems uses Version class2020-03-29 09:33Gems support
33188RedmineFeatureNewMigration to Active Storage as standard for attachments in Rails2020-03-23 21:06Attachments
33181RedmineDefectNewIssuesSystemTest#test_index_as_csv_should_reflect_sort fails2020-03-25 01:55

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