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26494RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to enable\disable multiple columns on project list page2017-07-22 13:17Projects
26491RedmineFeatureNewmark incomplete total sums as such2017-07-21 03:42Issues list
26488RedmineFeatureNewProject settings : Move issue tracking settings to their own tab2017-07-22 08:31Project settings
26465RedmineFeatureNewMake the format of issue links configurable2017-07-18 09:39Activity view
26451RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackError attach files2017-07-17 05:34Attachments
26443RedmineDefectConfirmedUser link syntax (user:login) doesn't work for logins consisting of an email adress2017-07-15 13:06Text formatting
26442RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCSS formating classes like p(box). prepended with wiki-class-2017-07-21 21:25Text formatting
26439RedminePatchNew Plugin load order defined by plugin checks2017-07-17 14:17Plugin API
26438RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIssues on right click of issues should allow edit on status change event 2017-07-14 11:19Issues
26429RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to specify attachments by URL2017-07-14 01:40Attachments
26423RedmineFeatureNewCharacter encoding auto-detection using rchardet2017-07-13 13:43I18n
26422RedmineFeatureNewFilter project by custom field2017-07-13 09:19REST API
26415RedmineFeatureNewAdd setting "Truncate emails before one of these lines"2017-07-12 03:32Email receiving
26410RedmineDefectNewGravatar icon is misaligned in gantt2017-07-11 06:24Gantt
26409RedmineFeatureNewShow assignee on gantt2017-07-16 18:38Gantt
26407RedmineDefectNewUnable to edit a comment on redmine.org2017-07-12 20:46Website (
26403RedmineDefectResolvedThe second and subsequent lines of commit messages are not displayed in repository browser2017-07-22 09:09SCM
26400RedmineFeatureNewSide by side diff view in wiki2017-07-10 13:36Wiki
26391RedminePatchNewDrop Darcs support2017-07-11 03:57SCM
26385RedmineFeatureNewAdd a non-hook based API for adding/removing items to/from contextual menus (like the main menu)2017-07-08 02:33Plugin API
26355RedmineFeatureNewNotification settings for groups2017-07-05 09:56Email notifications
26353RedmineFeatureNewShow thumbnails on news2017-07-05 04:11Attachments
26341RedminePatchNewAdd useful details to error message2017-07-11 09:59Administration
26326RedmineFeatureNewAdanced relation handling for Issue Import2017-07-03 15:20Importers
26323RedminePatchNewRemove outdated Rails 3 code2017-07-07 00:07Code cleanup/refactoring

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