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34143RedmineDefectConfirmedAutolinks are incorrectly escaped2020-10-20 12:14Text formatting
34142RedmineDefectNewDrop Ruby 2.3 support2020-10-20 12:20Ruby support
34123RedmineFeatureNewSystem tests for inline auto complete feature2020-10-16 10:10
34122RedminePatchNewStore inline autocomplete data sources in a JS variable2020-10-16 08:24Code cleanup/refactoring
34119RedminePatchNewFix selenium chrome options so files are downloaded to tmp/downloads in system tests2020-10-16 03:39Code cleanup/refactoring
34108RedmineDefectNew"Is duplicate of" and "Has duplicate" issue relations can be a circular reference2020-10-15 16:07Issues
34089RedmineDefectNewwhen column have multiple values its getting appending with , and huge width of one record resulting wide colum2020-10-10 08:23Issues list
34086RedmineDefectNewREST API: Can not get children when get a list of issues2020-10-08 10:05REST API
34071RedminePatchNewhandle AuthSourceExceptions in User.try_to_login2020-10-20 02:14Accounts / authentication
34070RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting a grace period when forcing 2FA2020-10-06 00:09Accounts / authentication
34068RedmineDefectNewMissing blank option on persisted records2020-10-17 06:56Custom fields
34062RedminePatchNewUpgrade Rails to 08:23Security
34061RedminePatchNewUpdate locales for Vietnamese language2020-10-06 15:51Translations
34052RedmineFeatureNewPossibility to copy Issue w/o Asignee and Due Date2020-09-30 08:11Issues
34046RedmineDefectConfirmedEscaping symbols in task subject can broke export to Gantt (PNG)2020-09-30 09:36Gantt
34045RedmineFeatureNew1 minute expire-able RedmineCacheCredMax2020-09-29 03:54SCM extra
34044RedmineFeatureNewPotential better SQL query in extra/svn/Redmine.pm2020-09-29 03:40SCM extra
34042RedmineFeatureNewCustom user issue assignment2020-09-28 16:51
34040RedmineFeatureNewInclude all notes in issue list csv2020-09-28 09:20Issues list
34038RedmineDefectNewRedmine won't send emails in latest version 2020-09-28 13:43Email notifications
34035RedmineDefectNewfiles preservation2020-09-26 23:10
34033RedmineFeatureNewEmail reporting based on the due date or set intervals2020-09-24 23:34Email notifications
34032RedminePatchNewProject Settings Tabs contains 2 element same id2020-09-25 02:31Projects
34029RedmineDefectNew403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file2020-09-24 15:12Permissions and roles
34025RedmineDefectNewIssue subject truncated to 100 chars in the list from Projects > View all issues > Atom2020-09-28 16:51Feeds

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