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28624RedmineDefectNewHow to hide "Non member" and "Anonymous" from admin/groups page.2018-04-25 10:29
28618RedminePatchNewDatepicker is called incorrectly2018-04-24 14:12Calendar
28616RedmineFeatureNewHandle image orientation of attachments and thumbnails2018-04-24 13:53Attachments
28614RedmineFeatureNewIssue Watcher view Issue when not in project group2018-04-24 10:25
28611RedminePatchNewRemove unused i18n keys from all languages2018-04-26 02:14Code cleanup/refactoring
28609RedmineDefectNewError 404 on configure plugin2018-04-23 14:08Plugin API
28605RedminePatchNewAdd the missing icon class to the items with icons from the contextual menu2018-04-26 02:45Code cleanup/refactoring
28603RedmineFeatureNewedit issue subject as bulk2018-04-22 15:28Issues
28602RedminePatchNew[Gantt] Move edit and delete buttons for queries to the buttons section2018-04-25 08:02Gantt
28595RedmineDefectNewPlease remove font definition from the body element.2018-04-21 09:21UI
28594RedmineFeatureNewPlease remove letter-spacing as it looks ugly.2018-04-23 02:13Website (
28578RedmineDefectNewRedmine JAVA API: Journal is missing User Data2018-04-17 17:52REST API
28576RedmineDefectNewRedmine rejects e-mail but adds the attachment2018-04-23 18:32
28567RedmineDefectNew"No preview available"2018-04-18 10:55Attachments
28565RedmineDefectNewPDF export has too many whitespace2018-04-17 12:49PDF export
28564RedminePatchNewJSON API responses cannot have elements named 'request' or 'response'2018-04-17 03:42
28563RedmineDefectNewDue date is not visible2018-04-16 17:59Issues filter
28558RedmineDefectNewOpenLDAP2018-04-21 03:59Accounts / authentication
28552RedmineFeatureNewWatcher can't see issue when it assign to user from another group2018-04-13 09:21Groups
28551RedmineFeatureNewrest api groups permissoins2018-04-13 09:13REST API
28539RedmineFeatureNewjournal query2018-04-12 11:43
28536RedmineFeatureNewUpgrade Redmine for dummies2018-04-11 20:06Documentation
28529RedmineDefectNewPlugin settings trouble2018-04-11 12:27Plugin API
28511RedmineFeatureNewIssue versions - target version/fixed in version2018-04-09 15:41Issues planning
28510RedminePatchNewShow issue assignee gravatar in roadmap and version page2018-04-24 06:16UI

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