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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
31577RedmineFeatureNewTest2019-06-17 14:45Administration
31573RedminePatchNewShow each journal entry from issue history in a box2019-06-16 16:58UI
31571RedmineDefectNewTime to send an email is very long2019-06-16 10:19Email notifications
31559RedmineDefectNewThe API on enumerations returns inactive entries as well2019-06-13 13:47REST API
31553RedmineDefectConfirmedAttachment preview plays WebM video with <audio> instead of <video>2019-06-13 17:29Attachments
31552RedmineDefectConfirmedView switches from gantt to list after editing an issue2019-06-13 09:04Gantt
31551RedmineDefectNewMissing filter options and checklist templates2019-06-11 11:11Issues
31550RedmineDefectNewProject "Version" view's "Wiki page" field is still shown, although "Wiki" module is disabled on the project2019-06-12 04:45Wiki
31549RedmineDefectConfirmedWhen the line feed code is LF, multi-part mail is misrecognized as single-part mail2019-06-13 07:23Email receiving
31538RedmineFeatureNewAllow a plugin to be installed in the directory different from the plugin id2019-06-09 09:24Plugin API
31531RedmineFeatureNewChange quote note icon to quotation marks image2019-06-07 07:30UI
31524RedmineFeatureNewProblem About SpentTime Module2019-06-06 16:10Issues workflow
31521RedmineFeatureNewMake REST API for users incremental with plugins2019-06-05 18:09REST API
31519RedmineDefectNewRedmine 4.0.3 does not send all notification emails ?2019-06-05 15:55Email notifications
31518RedmineFeatureNewDefault due date for issues2019-06-05 12:50Issues
31512RedmineDefectNewvalid ldap auth_source item _has_ to be id 12019-06-04 15:54Administration
31510RedmineDefectConfirmedError syntax in workflows/permissions.html.erb2019-06-04 05:54Code cleanup/refactoring
31509RedminePatchNewAdd Rubocop to enforce some styles2019-06-17 02:44Code cleanup/refactoring
31507RedmineDefectNewTest fails if trailing whitespaces are removed2019-06-07 14:02Code cleanup/refactoring
31505RedminePatchNewMark edited journal notes as "Edited"2019-06-17 10:16Issues
31500RedmineFeatureNewRuby 2.7 support2019-06-03 02:56Ruby support
31495RedmineDefectNewTracker status cannot be empty in when processing commit messages2019-06-02 10:32SCM
31479RedmineFeatureNewUser type custom field - selection from 100's of users2019-05-30 19:21UI
31472RedmineFeatureNewAdd file upload when editing documents2019-05-29 13:00Documents
31471RedmineDefectNewLost right shift for 'journal-link'2019-06-02 02:23

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