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25198RedmineFeatureNewAdd rank in search result as data attribute2017-02-26 10:14Search engine
25197RedmineDefectNewduplicating groups with same project names in issues list2017-02-25 21:17Issues list
25154RedminePatchNewAllow non-administrator users to copy certain projects2017-02-22 21:11Projects
25141RedmineDefectNewChanging the scope and resetting the position of an acts_as_positioned object inserts it at the one-before-last position2017-02-21 16:46
25140RedmineFeatureNew[API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens 2017-02-22 13:36REST API
25139RedminePatchNewProject link on issues list, now redirects to project specific issues2017-02-22 21:53UI
25137RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAssigning a parent in issue properties does not work (Error "Parent task is invalid") although the Parent exists2017-02-22 21:58Issues
25130RedmineDefectNewsupport of agglutinative languages like Hungarian/Magyar2017-02-21 14:59I18n
25129RedmineFeatureNewGroup based custom queries2017-02-20 13:07Issues
25118RedmineDefectNewThemesTest#test_without_theme_js may fail if third-party theme is installed2017-02-18 09:15Themes
25116RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackredmine:email:receive_imap "attachments is invalid" At outlook file attach2017-02-17 18:35Email receiving
25115RedminePatchNewsupport upload of empty files and fix invalid API response2017-02-19 08:03Attachments
25114RedminePatchNewContext menu positioning inside positioned DOM elements2017-02-20 13:18UI
25112RedmineDefectNewIn Ticket-Queries the "new" field "total spent time" is forgotten as totals-checkmark - see screenshot2017-02-21 08:35Issues filter
25106RedmineDefectConfirmed"Spent time" in all issues, show as 0 with no permission2017-02-16 14:16Time tracking
25082RedmineFeatureNewMake issue totals checkbox visible per custom field2017-02-15 16:11
25077RedmineDefectNewIssue description filter's 'none' operator does not match issues with blank descriptions2017-02-22 23:34Issues filter
25068RedminePatchNewVersions show page summary moved to sidebar2017-02-15 12:55UI
25066RedminePatchNewSort order with null placement (NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST)2017-02-21 13:34Issues filter
25064RedmineDefectConfirmedCorrupt layout on the issue editing page in low resolution2017-02-15 11:30UI - Responsive
25055RedminePatchNewFilter out current issue from the related issues autocomplete2017-02-13 13:01Issues
25052RedmineFeatureNewAllow to disable description field in tracker setting2017-02-15 14:06Issues
25049RedmineDefectNewIssues which are assigned to group are not listed in reminders if 'users' parameter is specified2017-02-11 09:49Email notifications
25048RedmineFeatureNewRuby 2.4 support2017-02-23 03:32Ruby support
25043RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields (type List): values inheritance, per project values2017-02-15 10:47Custom fields

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