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29821RedmineFeatureResolvedNo7 Scholarship2018-10-20 13:48Website (
29819RedmineDefectNew3.4.6, SQLSERVER 2014. Incorrect syntax near 'OFFSET'2018-10-19 16:43Issues
29817RedmineDefectNewMailHandler ignores "Default notification option" setting2018-10-19 15:31Email receiving
29816RedmineDefectNewMy page's "activities block" date ignores the user's time zone2018-10-19 10:22My page
29791RedmineFeatureNewMake it possible to uniquely specify the Files element of the wiki page2018-10-18 17:17Wiki
29790RedminePatchNewBulgarian translation - reordered strings2018-10-18 12:42Translations
29781RedminePatchNewprevent users from getting stuck with an expired password recovery token in their session2018-10-17 06:30Accounts / authentication
29777RedmineDefectNewcan't create issue relation by rest API2018-10-16 11:43REST API
29771RedmineFeatureNewSort issues by due date in email reminders2018-10-17 08:37Email notifications
29767RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r17594)2018-10-15 03:43Translations
29764RedmineFeatureNewnew filed 'Related Issues Notes' for pair of related issues2018-10-14 01:57Issues
29758RedmineFeatureNewIntroduce optional pay per feature model of Redmine development2018-10-13 01:54
29757RedmineFeatureNewMake "First name" and "Last name" optional (not required) in user's settings2018-10-12 18:31Accounts / authentication
29756RedmineDefectNew\f and \v characters in Textile markup may cause RegexpError exception2018-10-15 17:31Text formatting
29752RedmineFeatureNewRender Textile and Markdown attachments as HTML on the preview page2018-10-16 08:15Attachments
29750RedmineFeatureNewPer project intergated IDE module with live collaboration support2018-10-09 17:59
29746RedmineDefectNewUnexpected results with enumeration formatting in Textile2018-10-09 09:13Text formatting
29738RedminePatchNewAdd last_updated_by feature in issues index api2018-10-06 14:49REST API
29732RedmineFeatureNewPopulate items in drop down lists from internal/external source2018-10-05 01:09Performance
29730RedmineDefectNewPrevious/Next link on repository page disappear when switching to "View differences" tab2018-10-15 06:41SCM
29725RedmineFeatureNewShow recent documents first2018-10-05 09:01Documents
29723RedmineFeatureNewAdd a "Save & Notify" option, when editing a Note2018-10-04 00:30Email notifications
29719RedmineDefectNew[Receiving emails] Mail keep staying in my mail box and keep generating issues after re-fetching mail.2018-10-18 03:16Email receiving
29715RedmineFeatureNewAllow me to not copy attachments when copying issues2018-10-02 14:06Attachments
29712RedmineFeatureNewPreview and wiki toolbar for full width custom fields2018-10-15 06:21Custom fields

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