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33039RedmineDefectNewTest defect2020-02-21 10:18
33038RedmineDefectNewBug回報2020-02-21 10:06Security
33037RedmineFeatureNewSupport for Gitlab flavored Markdown 2020-02-21 09:34Text formatting
33029RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAPI POST requests fail with 422 Can't verify CSRF token authenticity. on 3.4.13, 4.0.6 and 4.1.02020-02-20 13:35REST API
33027RedmineDefectConfirmedElement div is not closed2020-02-20 07:33Importers
33025RedmineFeatureNewOptional email headers2020-02-19 11:39Email notifications
33023RedmineDefectNewWarning occurs when displaying a few exceptional PDF thumbnail2020-02-21 04:00Attachments
33021RedmineDefectNew[v.4.0.5-stable] Internal Server Error 500 when accessing 'repository' tab2020-02-20 07:28SCM
33018RedmineFeatureNewAdd an ability to attach and embed a file to "Image" button in the Wiki toolbar2020-02-18 08:04UI
33017RedmineFeatureNewComplete documentation of news REST API2020-02-18 06:11Documentation
33016RedmineFeatureNewAdding Watchers to a News Item2020-02-18 05:23News
33007RedminePatchNew简体中文语言 zh.yml2020-02-17 07:39Translations
33002RedmineFeatureNewInclude attachments in news post notifications2020-02-19 06:14Email notifications
32991RedminePatchNewMake group names bold on tracker summary view2020-02-13 02:39UI
32985RedmineDefectNewGarbage collection issue when exporting huge CSV2020-02-11 21:16Issues list
32983RedmineDefectResolvedFilter for "Blocked by" "no open issues" not working2020-02-13 09:30Issues filter
32978RedmineFeatureNewOption to show "Associated revisions" in Notes or History Tab2020-02-10 10:21UI
32977RedminePatchNewRemove references to deleted user from "user"-Format CustomFields 2020-02-18 03:59Custom fields
32976RedmineFeatureNewDisplay avatar on add watchar dialog2020-02-19 09:24UI
32973RedmineDefectNewEditing a time entry for a locked user changes the user to the current user2020-02-09 15:32Time tracking
32972RedmineDefectNewUTF8 Symbols as Usernames get Truncated2020-02-08 21:55Accounts / authentication
32971RedmineDefectNewNew line between list items break a list2020-02-20 09:02Text formatting
32961RedminePatchNewMake group names clickable in permissions report2020-02-07 03:24Administration
32951RedminePatchNewIssue Statuses sortable by name and position2020-02-05 00:49Administration
32944RedmineDefectNewJump box issue caused by Recently used projects and Other projects2020-02-04 09:38Projects

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