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35078RedmineFeatureNewSR発注~FIX2021-04-12 14:44Gantt
35077RedmineFeatureNewCustom Strings as Unique Identifiers for issues2021-04-12 12:38Custom fields
35076RedminePatchNewmenu manager - generate correct URLs when rendering from a namespaced controller2021-04-12 12:07
35075RedminePatchNewuse named routes in base layout and account sidebar2021-04-12 12:02
35073RedminePatchNewescape values in LIKE statements to prevent injection of placeholders (_ or %)2021-04-12 08:50Database
35066RedmineFeatureNewCreate time entry and add another on project, initialize project_id2021-04-10 00:09Time tracking
35063RedmineFeatureNewSet values for reminder2021-04-09 16:47Email notifications
35062RedmineDefectNewBack URLs with <t+ operator break2021-04-09 16:36
35051RedminePatchNewI18N: latest message texts for German language2021-04-08 14:48Translations
35044RedmineFeatureNewShow notice on project's overview page when the project is public2021-04-07 02:46Projects
35039RedmineDefectResolvedAPI create issue relation method returns undefined method `split' when issue id is sent as integer2021-04-12 11:20REST API
35037RedmineFeatureNewMake wiki text section extraction less fragile2021-04-05 16:00Text formatting
35036RedmineDefectNewMarkdown text sections broken by thematic breaks (horizontal rules)2021-04-05 16:14Text formatting
35035RedmineFeatureNewRefactor text formatting to HTML::Pipeline2021-04-12 04:31Text formatting
35031RedminePatchNewRemove deprecated code that are supposed to be removed in Redmine 52021-04-04 17:53Code cleanup/refactoring
35028RedmineDefectNewDeprecation message when executing 'bundle install'2021-04-04 20:44Gems support
35027RedmineDefectNewGantt PNG export ignores imagemagick_convert_command2021-04-04 08:54Gantt
35026RedminePatchNewRemove rake task check_parsing_by_psych2021-04-05 02:49Code cleanup/refactoring
35017RedminePatchNew"X-Redmine-Issue-Assignee:" header should contain a group name, not empty2021-04-07 06:07Email notifications
35016RedminePatchNewFrench translations for 2FA2021-04-03 11:51Translations
35014RedmineFeatureNewReview and update supported database engines and versions 2021-04-04 10:29Database
35009RedmineDefectNewdb migration failed after updating to r209052021-04-09 13:39Database
35004RedmineDefectNewDEPRECATION WARNING during startup2021-04-02 16:35Rails support
35003RedmineDefectNewUpdate Rails UJS2021-04-11 10:27
35002RedmineDefectNewFix MS SQL on Rails 6.12021-04-02 07:56

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