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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
25996RedmineDefectNeeds feedback ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid2017-05-18 09:01Database
20915RedmineDefectNeeds feedback email notification isn't send to 2015-10-29 06:47Email notifications
16267RedmineFeatureNew Move the action bar buttons (Create / Save / Paginating / ...) from bottom to top2014-03-11 07:36UI
26439RedminePatchNew Plugin load order defined by plugin checks2017-08-11 06:11Plugin API
5284RedmineFeatureNew"% done" should provide data in text form too2017-06-28 14:29Issues list
4951RedmineFeatureReopened"Accept Ticket" Link When Viewing Issue2015-05-24 15:01Issues
14091RedmineFeatureNew"Achievement System" or "Badge System"2013-05-22 14:01Plugin Request
6469RedminePatchNew"Activity" doesn't work with oracle database2011-04-18 07:59Database
19298RedmineFeatureNew"Add Filter" - Sort/Order of Fields2015-05-05 13:29UI
22491RedmineFeatureNew"Add" button behavior on issue page for Subtasks and Relation is inconsistent2017-04-03 09:02UI
3001RedmineFeatureNew"Assign to" history in filter or etc.2017-09-21 12:38
21585RedmineFeatureNew"Associated revisions" to be minimized / opened by click2015-12-22 13:15UI
26507RedmineDefectNew"attachment:filename" link syntax would not work if the file name contains "@"2017-10-15 13:48Text formatting
6177RedminePatchNew"bignum too big to convert into `long'" in migrate_from_trac.rake2011-03-23 11:36Importers
12347RedmineFeatureNew"Calculate the issue done ratio" per project configuration2016-07-14 08:43
5977RedmineFeatureNew"check status" feature to verify validity of Redmine installation and API access key2010-11-29 22:14REST API
4091RedmineFeatureNew"Comment" link for issues2009-11-08 10:39UI
7623RedmineFeatureNew"Create and continue" should default issue fields to previous issue's values2017-01-09 10:27Issues
22012RedmineFeatureNew"Create and continue" with different forms: Re-use values2016-02-11 15:24UI
12481RedmineFeatureNew"Create Issue" Tab in Gantt Chart Tab2012-12-01 10:34Gantt
11127RedmineFeatureNew"Create project" privilege at user level2012-06-10 22:36Administration
25787RedmineDefectNeeds feedback"Custom field permissions" only work if I select all roles before2017-06-06 20:47Custom fields
7496RedmineDefectNew"Custom queries" should use natural ordering2017-03-20 03:22UI
3497RedmineFeatureNew"duplicates" relation invalidates roadmap percentage2009-11-22 23:58Roadmap
13422RedmineFeatureNew"Edit assigned user" permission for issues2013-03-10 19:56Permissions and roles

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