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27780RedmineDefectNewAttachment sort doesn't work with Unicode2017-12-12 03:24Attachments
27779RedmineDefectNewContext menu reverse-x doesn't work properly when window_height < wrapper_size2017-12-11 17:49Issues list
27772RedminePatchNewIssues reports should show only statuses used by the project2017-12-12 06:03
27770RedmineFeatureNewLogin password transmission through SRP-6a2017-12-10 10:03Accounts / authentication
27769RedmineDefectNewutf8 4 bytes on SQL Server 2014 Standard2017-12-10 04:48Database
27761RedmineDefectNewRequest to Add Microsoft Timeline ( free trial) to PowerPoint 2017-12-08 19:05Plugin Request
27758RedmineFeatureNewAdds preview option to the wiki toolbar2017-12-12 08:48UI
27752RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNoMethodError while creating an issue2017-12-12 10:17Issues
27731RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to view and comment on their own issues, even if moved into a project where they don't have access.2017-12-06 06:05Issues permissions
27728RedmineDefectResolvedInternal wiki anchors with "name" are deprecated and don't work with last Chrome versions2017-12-07 14:37Wiki
27705RedmineFeatureNewGemify redmine plugins2017-12-02 13:41
27695RedminePatchNewFix ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique errors when trying to add certain issue relations2017-12-01 16:48Issues
27693RedmineDefectNewIn queries, operator "All" can be confusing2017-12-01 14:46
27691RedmineDefectNewIssue created from mail_handler with description empty from2017-12-11 11:05Email receiving
27680RedmineFeatureNewChanging Subject Line in email notification when an issue is created or updated2017-11-30 05:05Email notifications
27678RedminePatchNewMake "Check all / Uncheck all" link noticeable2017-12-07 13:42UI
27672RedmineFeatureNewShow selected columns on gantt chart2017-11-29 05:34Gantt
27671RedminePatchNewUse reverse_each instead of reverse.each for better performance2017-11-29 10:38Performance
27659RedminePatchNewredmine_plugin_model_generator improvements(fixes and timestamps)2017-11-28 14:58
27658RedmineDefectNewGit merge-graph does not respect first parent2017-11-28 04:31SCM
27644RedmineFeatureNewJournals and notifications on changes on Issues set by relations2017-11-30 03:12Issues
27625RedminePatchNewIncrease size of name for role name2017-11-23 11:37Code cleanup/refactoring
27622RedmineDefectNewWhen disabling notes for a role, file upload disapperas too at issue update2017-12-10 04:54Issues
27620RedminePatchNewBrazilian translation update2017-11-23 00:40Translations
27603RedmineFeatureResolvedSupport for LDAP jpegPhoto or thumbnailPhoto2017-11-22 12:09LDAP

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