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31085RedmineDefectNewHosting redmine at a suburl doesn't work anymore in 4.02019-03-22 17:24
31077RedmineDefectNew"Icon for Datepicker" does not appear after status was changed.2019-03-21 12:35UI
31074RedmineDefectNewTimelogTest#test_default_query_setting fails2019-03-21 03:58Code cleanup/refactoring
31063RedmineDefectNewCan't change Ganttchart options of custom query to false2019-03-21 13:31
31057RedmineDefectNewemail notification not going to assignee and users enabled otification in project2019-03-19 10:55Email notifications
31028RedmineDefectNewGet 200 response even when specifying an id value that does not exist.2019-03-14 09:28REST API
31021RedmineDefectConfirmedFullwidth characters enclosed in "<" and ">" are removed in email notifications2019-03-13 09:05Email notifications
31010RedmineDefectNew If you change the display range of a shared custom query created by another person to "Only me", only creator can be used instead of me.2019-03-11 17:31
31002RedmineDefectNewCan't change priority of tickets which are not "in Progress" (In Bearbeitung)2019-03-09 09:43Issues
30988RedmineDefectNewPreformatted text overflows the preview area2019-03-15 10:09UI
30974RedmineDefectNewCode coverage report on the official site has not been updated2019-03-05 23:05Website (
30950RedmineDefectNewIssue#clear_disabled_fields can still lead to a nil done_ratio in some cases2019-03-01 12:34Issues
30949RedmineDefectNewRoadmap shows 100%, but one of its tasks is still set to 90%2019-03-01 18:13Roadmap
30945RedmineDefectNewNo email notification2019-03-01 10:33Email notifications
30929RedmineDefectReopenedNo longer all receivers are shown in "to" field after upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0.02019-02-27 10:25Email notifications
30924RedmineDefectNewFilter on Target version's Status in subproject doesn't work on version from top project2019-02-26 18:22Issues filter
30923RedmineDefectNewProject search does not select subproject by default2019-03-18 12:17Search engine
30851RedmineDefectReopenedRedmine 4.0.1 Internnal error 500 on accessing the settings page2019-02-27 10:10Administration
30850RedmineDefectResolvedUnified diff link broken on specific file/revision diff view2019-03-15 09:54SCM
30848RedmineDefectNewError when creating issue with emoji in description2019-02-20 07:51Issues
30826RedmineDefectNewOrder of related issues types2019-02-18 09:14Issues
30809RedmineDefectNewSpent time report > CSV not obeying filters2019-02-14 09:14Time tracking
30804RedmineDefectNewWrong russian timezones.2019-02-13 14:05Website (
30776RedmineDefectConfirmedDrag and drop file to "file custom field" is not behaving as expected2019-03-04 00:31Custom fields
30771RedmineDefectNewAuthor of issue is listed at assignee drop box2019-02-22 11:14Permissions and roles

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