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28876RedminePatchResolved42018-05-24 20:09Calendar
28875RedmineDefectNewteste2018-05-24 20:02
28725RedmineDefectNewMercurial 4.62018-05-24 17:54SCM
28874RedmineDefectNewMailHandler does not log exceptions caught2018-05-24 17:32Email receiving
28864RedmineDefectNewInternal Server Error on query with users2018-05-24 17:24Custom fields
28873RedmineDefectNew2018-05-24 16:13Feeds
242RedmineFeatureNewAllow user to edit own custom fields + user search2018-05-24 15:04Custom fields
28829RedmineFeatureNewAdd context menu icon to issue's contextual area2018-05-24 12:59UI
28871RedmineDefectNewAdding the window AD activity directory to verify redmine permissions is failed2018-05-24 10:01
7382RedmineFeatureNewIntegrated cost tracking module2018-05-24 08:32Plugin Request
24623RedminePatchNewImplements permissions and restrictions to issue attachments2018-05-24 06:47Attachments
28868RedmineFeatureNewAdd Close/Reopen button on admin#projects page2018-05-24 02:30Administration
28861RedminePatchNewAdd a date item to the context menu2018-05-24 02:17UI
28865RedmineDefectNewCustom Version "2018-05-23 15:51Custom fields
9851RedmineFeatureNewEqualize the way how available shared versions are differentiated in target version drop-downs2018-05-23 14:40UI
3195RedminePatchNewissue's start date could be the latest due date of predecessors2018-05-23 12:44Issues
28125RedmineDefectNewPNG images on a wiki page don't appear in exported PDF2018-05-23 10:26PDF export
22967RedmineDefectConfirmedmarkdown: special character like ' (quote) breaks wiki links2018-05-22 23:41Wiki
28832RedminePatchNewAllow email to create and reply to forum messages2018-05-22 22:21Email receiving
26791RedminePatchNewSend individual notification mails per mail recipient2018-05-22 14:21Email notifications
25130RedmineDefectNewsupport of agglutinative languages like Hungarian/Magyar2018-05-22 12:54Translations
7907RedmineFeatureNewDisplay Issues in a hierarchy (tree)2018-05-22 12:39Issues
28077RedmineFeatureNewHide issue-list header of any query-result by configuration or theme2018-05-22 12:29Issues list
28771RedminePatchNewAllow adding multiple entities when performing multiple searches in modals2018-05-22 06:28UI
28086RedmineFeatureNewAdd context menu for attributes in issue details2018-05-22 04:37Issues

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