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34622RedmineDefectResolvedPartially appears HTML code, on the page selected for viewing the product in the text description of its characteristics, when choosing English as the main language on this site2021-01-23 14:26UI
34621RedmineDefectNew1232021-01-23 14:08
34620RedmineDefectNewasef2021-01-23 14:01
34619RedminePatchResolvedUpdate Nokogiri to 1.112021-01-23 09:27Gems support
34618RedmineDefectNewCannot sign in when both enabling two-factor authentication and changing password are required2021-01-23 08:19Accounts / authentication
1448RedmineFeatureNewAdd tags to issues2021-01-22 17:23Issues
7376RedmineFeatureNewAllow percent done to be updated via VCS commit message2021-01-22 13:51SCM
34549RedmineFeatureNewAdd keyboard shortcuts for wiki toolbar buttons2021-01-22 09:50UI
34593RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackprivacy problem on users info2021-01-21 23:20
34615RedmineDefectNew'Search' falsy parameters are not respected2021-01-21 21:29REST API
3126RedmineFeatureNewAllow add spent time when creating a ticket2021-01-21 14:28Time tracking
34485RedmineFeatureNewEmail Notification with all watchers in CC list while creating or updating issue2021-01-21 13:22Email notifications
9975RedmineFeatureNewDisplaying a Gantt chart by default not from the current month but from the previous month.2021-01-21 05:58Gantt
1739RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to change issue owner2021-01-20 17:12Issues
34484RedmineDefectNewerror on issue validation2021-01-20 13:27Issues
34604RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDates are not shown in the edit box - start/due date for task2021-01-20 13:26Issues
34609RedmineFeatureNewSetting for partially independent start-date, end-date in parent tickets2021-01-20 12:22Issues
3390RedmineFeatureNewAbility to add watchers to forum threads2021-01-20 11:08Forums
8875RedmineFeatureNewRepository: button for manually fetching changesets2021-01-19 08:09SCM
2024RedmineFeatureNewgantt chart editing2021-01-19 07:13Gantt
34601RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackrefreshing button - scroller keep on turning and page get stuck when refreshing2021-01-18 17:41UI
20042RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackA test fail when running it with PostgreSQL2021-01-18 09:00
34583RedmineFeatureNewGroup by parent project2021-01-16 23:54Filters
30471RedmineFeatureNewMove "Default columns" checkbox on the query edit page from "Options" to "Columns" fieldset2021-01-16 07:45UI
33290RedminePatchNewStop DB access when IssueQuery class is defined2021-01-16 05:55

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