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29412RedmineDefectNewBáo cáo công việc Nhóm Vận Hành Dịch Vụ2018-08-20 10:33
29411RedmineDefectNewBáo cáo công việc Nhóm Vận Hành Dịch Vụ2018-08-20 10:24
29410RedmineDefectNewTelesales2018-08-20 09:36Activity view
22597RedmineFeatureNewAdd time - select activity: use radion button instead of select list (usability)2018-08-20 09:04Time tracking
29306RedmineFeatureNewShow assignee's icon on tooltips for gantt and calendar2018-08-20 02:25UI
17460RedmineFeatureNewMySQL 5.7 support2018-08-19 16:38Database
4939RedmineFeatureNewList of tasks filtered as OR and not AND2018-08-19 15:44Issues filter
28502RedmineDefectNewSupport issue[assigned_to_id]=me when prefilling issues2018-08-19 06:51Issues
1994RedmineFeatureNewLaTEX support in Wiki, Forums and Issues2018-08-19 02:15Wiki
19903RedmineFeatureNewChange textfield to textarea for "Exclude attachments by name"2018-08-19 02:10Email receiving
29406RedminePatchNewuse sorted instead of sort2018-08-18 15:08Code cleanup/refactoring
29405RedmineFeatureNewSupport header Content Security Policy 2018-08-18 14:31Security
29395RedminePatchNew[Feature] Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container2018-08-18 09:29Attachments
11969RedmineFeatureNewSubtask display fields2018-08-17 18:27Issues
16396RedmineFeatureNewDefault columns setting for subtasks list2018-08-17 18:19Issues
29402RedmineFeatureNewInclude attachment editing permissions into the Field permissions in the workflow2018-08-17 15:07Issues workflow
19102RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackRedmine doesnt scale with large amount of projects2018-08-17 12:37Performance
29391RedminePatchNewShow version status in Roadmap and Version pages2018-08-16 19:19UI
13141RedmineFeatureNewAllow subtasks to cross projects in Gantt View2018-08-16 17:44Gantt
19501RedmineFeatureNewAssign issue to <<author>>2018-08-16 15:48Issues
1265RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to delete Versions2018-08-16 10:56Issues
28258RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackTicket is invisible on other Roadmap, if target version of another project is selected2018-08-15 18:59Roadmap
1385RedmineFeatureNewScript for import from JIRA2018-08-15 18:13Importers
29365RedmineDefectNewMailHandlerTest#test_add_issue_with_localized_attributes fails with mail gem 2.7.02018-08-14 11:14Gems support
24979RedmineDefectNewEmail "keyword" lines deleted even if the sender doesn't have permission to edit that field2018-08-14 10:35Email receiving

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