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29990RedmineDefectNewAdd missing fixtures for test_create_should_send_notification2018-11-17 19:48
29946RedmineFeatureNewUpdate i18n gem2018-11-17 16:22Gems support
18875RedmineDefectNew[Rest API][custom field]Why "GET /custom_fields.xml" required the System manager's privilege?2018-11-17 11:15REST API
14468RedmineFeatureNewSearch for text in description and comments in issue search and restrict projects.2018-11-17 07:58Search engine
1077RedmineFeatureNewICS view of Calendar2018-11-16 21:01Feeds
29913RedmineDefectReopenedAdding image with same name as previous one replaces embedded image2018-11-16 17:04Attachments
29894RedmineFeatureNew View watchers on the issue list2018-11-16 14:20Issues list
5358RedmineFeatureNewShare Issues Categories for sub-projects2018-11-16 12:43Issues
21061RedmineFeatureNewCustom Field for Spent time2018-11-15 21:28Custom fields
29980RedmineDefectNewOption "disalow registration" not work if ldap is used and ldap-account information entered into login2018-11-15 16:00Accounts / authentication
29971RedmineDefectNew[Receiving emails] Redmine cannot create new issue after fetching the mail.2018-11-15 09:54
8395RedmineDefectNewTags start with 'pre' are handled as 'pre' tag in Textile2018-11-15 05:43Text formatting
23341RedmineDefectNewMarkdown Table formatting breaks with redmine wiki links2018-11-14 14:20Text formatting
29951RedminePatchNewDesign proposals for projects index page2018-11-14 11:35
26575RedmineFeatureReopenedAdd update info at the bottom of the wiki page2018-11-14 10:44Wiki
10378RedmineFeatureNewsuppress empty fields on email notifications2018-11-14 09:12Email notifications
13725RedmineFeatureNewArchive/close a project via API2018-11-13 11:27REST API
24623RedminePatchNewImplements permissions and restrictions to issue attachments2018-11-13 05:04Attachments
7907RedmineFeatureNewDisplay Issues in a hierarchy (tree)2018-11-12 18:07Issues
18295RedmineFeatureNewSoft delete of wiki pages2018-11-12 13:41Wiki
26494RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to enable\disable multiple columns on project list page2018-11-12 06:05Projects
29947RedmineFeatureNewUpdate roadie gem to 3.4.02018-11-12 02:47Gems support
29950RedmineDefectConfirmedFix list rendering inside project description in projects#index 2018-11-12 01:14UI
29482RedminePatchNewQuery system for Projects page2018-11-11 22:33Projects
26853RedminePatchNeeds feedbackFix hardcoded project-index width for webkit and mozilla browsers2018-11-11 22:30Projects

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