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27355RedmineFeatureNewcustom acknowledgement meesage in resposne BODY of Redmine REST API POST call2017-11-25 17:26REST API
27346RedminePatchNewUse the new pagination style for the calendars view2017-11-01 09:49Calendar
27339RedmineFeatureNewCant save Spent Time Report - Only Spent Time Details2017-10-31 14:49Time tracking
27338RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to upload files a per role base in issues2017-10-31 12:11Files
27336RedminePatchNewRender previews for audio and video files2017-11-20 13:52Attachments
27330RedmineDefectNew"Name" field in the 'edit version' form has no "maxlength"2017-11-28 17:59UI
27319RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackImpossible to create a new version2017-12-14 20:11Projects
27316RedmineFeatureNewHighlight due date of overdue issues in the issues list2017-11-26 13:17Issues list
27315RedmineFeatureNewSort the column of attachments by alphabetical order in Issues list2017-11-25 17:20Issues list
27314RedmineFeatureNewMake "Information" the default view in the Admininstration section2017-11-08 21:06UI
27313RedmineFeatureNewMore custom queries on My page2017-11-08 16:55My page
27300RedmineDefectNewAnnoying login prompt when accessing content on redmine.org2017-11-02 13:22Website (
27296RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCustom Query roles aren't per project2017-11-24 02:34Issues
27283RedminePatchNewFailed to run “rake db:migrate" command against clean database on MySQL5.7 under Redmine4.0 / Rails5 2017-12-10 05:42Database
27278RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRedmine 3.3.5 error2017-10-24 16:38
27246RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUI bug on the main category page- comment area2017-10-23 06:10UI - Responsive
27243RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPermission problem with share versions2017-11-20 17:00
27240RedminePatchNewRender the activities block on the UsersController#show view grouped, with event_type icon and with the 'me' indication2017-10-21 09:08UI
27233RedmineFeatureNewImprove Drop-Down list on Wiki Pages2017-10-23 18:07Wiki
27232RedmineFeatureNewThe filtre of status of issues are not acording the workflow of each type of issues (tracker)2017-11-08 20:54Issues filter
27219RedminePatchNewShow default status on the trackers list2017-10-19 14:34UI
27212RedminePatchNewWhen deleting the projects category, its name should be represented in the confirmation dialog.2017-10-17 13:28Project settings
27202RedmineDefectNewif attachment filename contain semicolon ";" we get RecodNotFound error on web server puma2017-10-23 09:55Attachments
27199RedmineFeatureNewadd log date to issue list filter2017-10-16 09:23
27192RedmineFeatureNewFilter on target version uses version_id and not version name2017-10-13 14:17Issues filter

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