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28198RedmineFeatureNewSupport issue relations when importing issues2018-02-19 17:06Issues
28193RedmineDefectNewwatcher list can not be edited after issue is created2018-02-15 13:01Issues
28191RedminePatchNewExtend roles API with all additional fields2018-03-10 05:49REST API
28190RedmineDefectNewApache passenger stopped work after upgrade passenger from 5.1.12 to 5.202018-02-14 13:03Administration
28189RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSubprojects don't appear under the rights projects2018-02-14 19:58Projects
28188RedmineDefectNewNo Access-Control-Allow-Origin2018-03-05 20:09Accounts / authentication
28180RedmineDefectNewRole-base cross-project issue query visibility calculated incorrectly2018-02-12 14:25Issues filter
28171RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackWhen exporting to PDF from the issue navigator (several issues) textile is not exported correctly2018-02-11 16:30PDF export
28170RedmineFeatureNewFilter issues by "Associated revisions"2018-02-09 17:04Issues filter
28169RedminePatchNewEnable and add underline button to the toolbar for Markdown formatting 2018-02-17 22:35Text formatting
28167RedmineFeatureNewProposal: Allow administrator to specify kind of status change in Workflow2018-02-09 14:27Issues
28160RedmineDefectNewMisleading russian translation for "Log time" button2018-03-08 08:20Translations
28154RedminePatchNewSupport for lastnames with spaces in user autocompleters2018-02-08 10:41Issues
28150RedmineFeatureNewAbility to choose Fields permissions for new issue2018-02-07 12:47Issues workflow
28138RedminePatchNewAdd link to add a new issue on the version page2018-02-25 03:24Issues
28134RedmineDefectNewCan't set issue start/due date when field values are calculated from subtasks and subtasks have no such fields.2018-02-05 07:08Issues
28133RedmineDefectNewController patch causes Helper Patch down2018-02-05 05:59Plugin API
28129RedmineDefectNewLast month period includes dates from current month2018-02-02 16:54Time tracking
28127RedmineDefectNewIt is impossible to filter the trackers by project in the XML/REST-API2018-02-02 11:58
28126RedmineFeatureNewUp to now, I cannot get the allowed file extensions when using the rest-API2018-02-02 15:05REST API
28125RedmineDefectNewPNG images on a wiki page don't appear in exported PDF2018-02-02 08:35PDF export
28120RedmineDefectNewProblem with set Version in issue via REST api.2018-02-01 10:33REST API
28112RedminePatchNewRuby 2.5.0 don't pass csv_test.rb2018-03-24 02:06Ruby support
28111RedmineDefectNewRedmine Permissions - option to combine "Non member" role with others2018-01-31 11:58
28108RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCopying a text into a wiki page I got "Internal server error"2018-01-31 12:31Wiki

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