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1213RedmineFeatureNewAllow Slashes in wiki URLs2021-11-24 14:09Wiki
1219RedmineFeatureNewAdd an option to make RedCloth not use hard_breaks2008-07-03 11:50Wiki
1224RedmineFeatureNewImport wiki pages from MediaWiki2016-09-19 17:37Importers
1226RedmineFeatureNewquery results on wiki pages2015-02-12 21:16Wiki
1232RedmineFeatureNewReferencing and fixing issues in commit messages2013-10-05 12:34SCM
1233RedmineFeatureNewchange default homepage to My page2022-06-16 07:29UI
1244RedmineFeatureNewVersion dependency2013-03-18 12:31Issues
1246RedmineFeatureNewOverview page of all projects in Redmine for every user 2016-09-12 20:55Projects
1255RedmineFeatureNewAdd "Send a Reminder" Feature to issues2013-03-18 05:37Issues
1263RedmineFeatureNewDokuwiki importer.2012-10-29 14:45Importers
1265RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to delete Versions2019-03-24 03:30Issues
1266RedmineFeatureNewFeature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones2021-06-18 13:38Roadmap
1274RedmineFeatureNewAdd option to make auto-fetch changesets fetch when activity/issues are viewed2008-05-21 21:24SCM
1278RedmineFeatureNewCreating global (default) categories.2018-10-04 17:42Issues
1306RedmineFeatureNewresolution fixed and % done out of sync2013-10-10 08:21Issues
1308RedmineFeatureNewuse ajax suggestion pattern to fill out single potentially big fields, like "assigned to", "author"2008-06-20 17:12UI
1309RedmineFeatureNewsvnauthz editing2011-03-24 06:19SCM extra
1311RedmineFeatureNewSubversion: Show revision histories for branches2011-03-23 05:34SCM
1317RedmineDefectNewMantis migration - encoding mismatches2008-06-02 16:11Importers
1324RedmineFeatureNewUser Names Should provide for middle name or intial2008-11-11 10:36Administration
1325RedmineFeatureNewAllow cross page links to reference attachments.2008-11-11 10:36Wiki
1330RedmineFeatureNewCopy a Wiki Page2021-08-25 16:06Wiki
1333RedminePatchNewPatch for membership activity (#1195)2018-08-06 03:22Activity view
1339RedmineFeatureNewComments on revisions2015-11-17 19:04SCM
1342RedmineFeatureNewGlobal versions roadmap2012-12-18 18:16Roadmap

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