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24920RedmineFeatureNewSetup visibility of issue for specific custom file value for specific role2017-02-23 06:22Custom fields
38026RedmineFeatureNewSet custom field value on specific state2022-12-09 08:34Custom fields
21026RedmineFeatureNewSelect user-groups in custom fields of type "User"2020-12-11 11:19Custom fields
18682RedmineFeatureNewRole-based project custom field editability2014-12-19 02:28Custom fields
12146RedmineDefectConfirmedRequired (list-, user- or version) custom field "fixed version" with Multiple values allows nil value during status transition2016-04-04 18:14Custom fields
14067RedmineFeatureNewRequest more granular User List for Custom Fields - User Groups2013-05-15 21:38Custom fields
8443RedmineFeatureNewRemoving CustomValue with related User object2011-05-30 09:46Custom fields
36177RedmineDefectNewRemove spaces at the end of custom-fields names2021-11-09 14:11Custom fields
29195RedmineDefectNewRegular expression for Long text formatted custom fields does not work multiline2018-07-05 06:31Custom fields
2906RedmineFeatureNewRefine the custom fields display for projects2011-12-18 23:53Custom fields
32537RedmineDefectNewRake taks works on redmine 3.4 but does not work on 4 while for Redmine 4 it works in console2020-11-15 02:00Custom fields
17664RedmineDefectNewProject-specific custom fields should also be searchable when showing all issues - if the user only has this project assigned2016-07-16 21:15Custom fields
18006RedmineFeatureResolvedProject's custom fields should be available in issue lists columns2014-10-07 16:15Custom fields
20830RedmineFeatureNewProject specific default value2022-09-16 08:15Custom fields
25721RedmineFeatureNewProject Issues Sequence Number2017-07-20 23:36Custom fields
13700RedmineFeatureNewProject isolated custom field2013-04-10 13:46Custom fields
30739RedminePatchNewProject Custom Fields configuration : split by tracker2019-12-10 19:02Custom fields
4921RedmineFeatureNewProject custom fields according project type2010-04-12 13:28Custom fields
16559RedmineDefectNewProject custom fields (boolean) doesn't update correctly2014-05-02 10:15Custom fields
20286RedmineFeatureNewProject Custom Field - Non-Administrators cannot filter using Custom Field2015-07-10 21:54Custom fields
7143RedmineDefectNewproblem to filter custom field which contains Chinese characters2011-03-23 09:37Custom fields
13143RedmineFeatureNewPopulate dropdown custom field list based on previous another selection 2021-08-09 12:15Custom fields
38065RedmineFeatureNewpermissions in custom fields for time entries2022-12-19 23:46Custom fields
38200RedmineFeatureNewPercent completed on a specific date2023-01-19 18:32Custom fields
7784RedmineFeatureNewOrdering/Placement of Custom Fields2011-07-25 23:14Custom fields
25035RedmineFeatureNewOption to set current date as a default value of date format custom field2019-06-20 10:01Custom fields
25209RedmineFeatureNewOption for users to add values to list / key/value custom fields2020-02-05 00:13Custom fields
5802RedmineFeatureNewoperations on custom field in parents issues2011-03-23 11:29Custom fields
24506RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackOn changing many issues to project with custom required fields, fields doesn't show, transfer doesn't work 2017-02-16 05:33Custom fields
2220RedmineDefectNewNew Custom Fields not propagated to old issues2011-03-23 11:34Custom fields
25513RedmineFeatureNewNew custom field type for Project Level (similar to "List type") - per Project specific set of values2018-12-27 15:55Custom fields
9629RedmineFeatureNewNew custom field format 'progress bar' (like the %-done field).2013-02-06 12:36Custom fields
11049RedmineFeatureNewMultiple types of Custom Field2013-05-23 11:23Custom fields
34068RedmineDefectNewMissing blank option on persisted records2020-10-17 06:56Custom fields
15394RedmineFeatureNewMandatory field base on custom field value2013-12-07 04:19Custom fields
22352RedmineFeatureNewManage customer fields of plugins2016-03-30 14:48Custom fields
1767RedmineFeatureNewMake spent time - & project custom fields configurable/switchable per project2022-08-17 10:45Custom fields
19093RedmineFeatureNewMake numeric custom fields searchable2017-11-22 10:13Custom fields
22358RedmineFeatureNewMake custom target version sortable and orderable2016-04-30 06:14Custom fields
9356RedmineFeatureNewMake custom fields available in issue list colums even when not used by all projects2020-07-19 02:38Custom fields
10027RedmineFeatureNewMake "Required" overridable per-project2013-04-09 13:59Custom fields
2180RedmineFeatureNewLookup custom fields2021-06-09 10:31Custom fields
21149RedmineFeatureNewLinking "Possible values" for List custom fields to another custom fields of same type.2017-02-15 10:48Custom fields
2859RedmineFeatureNewLinked lists for custom fields2013-09-09 13:48Custom fields
19649RedmineFeatureNewLink values to URL for multi-value text custom field2016-12-16 19:35Custom fields
21115RedmineFeatureNewLink custom fields should support multiple values2015-11-24 08:04Custom fields
4247RedmineFeatureNewLink custom fields2013-04-09 07:50Custom fields
27543RedmineDefectNewKey/value-pair custom field type not available to all customisable contents2017-11-26 10:51Custom fields
27097RedmineFeatureNewKey/value custom field; Raise length limit from 60 to 2552018-04-26 09:23Custom fields
7627RedmineFeatureNewjournal for changing custom version status2013-10-14 11:55Custom fields
28819RedmineFeatureNewIssue visibility: issues where custom field=certain value2018-05-19 16:44Custom fields
4994RedmineDefectNewIssue global custom fields should be available in filters only for their trackers2010-03-08 07:34Custom fields
4799RedmineFeatureNewIssue Custom Fields Parent-Child 2010-02-11 01:05Custom fields
3488RedmineFeatureNewIs it possible to set the Custom Field of the project as used in filter, Searchable and used in sort the project?2011-04-14 15:05Custom fields
12666RedmineFeatureNewInvolvement boolean for Custom Field 'User' type2012-12-21 23:42Custom fields
3756RedminePatchNewInteger custom fields should use correct query controls2010-10-25 17:03Custom fields
29492RedmineFeatureNewInformation custom field2018-09-04 17:41Custom fields
6258RedmineFeatureNewIncluding custom fields "Spent Time" in Report2011-04-14 15:02Custom fields
6894RedmineFeatureNewImprove custom fields checks when changing any setting2010-11-15 12:36Custom fields
34220RedmineFeatureNewimplementation suggestion2020-11-04 14:39Custom fields
34369RedmineFeatureNewImplementation of great added value for the Redmine System2020-12-03 09:15Custom fields
34146RedminePatchNewImplementation2020-10-20 22:35Custom fields
21530RedmineDefectNewIf a new boolean custom field with a default value will be added the value won't be automatically applied to all issues2015-12-15 19:03Custom fields
17205RedmineFeatureNewHow to make the custom field’s value the same as “Assinee” dynamically?2014-06-17 15:54Custom fields
19564RedmineFeatureResolvedHide custom field during pdf export2015-05-07 06:26Custom fields
8555RedmineDefectNewGroup results by and sort for more than one field don't work2011-06-08 08:45Custom fields
28865RedmineDefectNewGroup items by project in version type custom fields2020-12-01 17:07Custom fields
22297RedmineFeatureNewGroup by custom field of type text2022-10-27 09:27Custom fields
4249RedmineFeatureNewGenerate report by custom fields on a project2014-01-15 20:57Custom fields
35557RedmineDefectConfirmedFix position when rendering custom field enumerations2021-07-13 10:09Custom fields
13636RedmineFeatureNewFiltering issues by comparing issue custom field against project's custom field2013-04-04 07:48Custom fields
32433RedmineFeatureNewfeature: option for CustomField to update the values by some of roles and different default value for different project2020-03-02 09:53Custom fields
27540RedmineFeatureNewExtending the 30 character limit for custom filed name2020-04-22 11:52Custom fields
11110RedmineFeatureNewExport custom fields for project into the CSV export for issue2016-12-25 15:04Custom fields
35750RedmineFeatureNewExport "version" information with custom fields2021-08-12 18:10Custom fields
15177RedmineFeatureNewDynamic query fields2013-10-23 13:28Custom fields
7520RedmineFeatureNewDynamic default value for custom fields2017-06-11 14:34Custom fields
13016RedmineFeatureNewDynamic adding values to custom fields2020-08-06 07:28Custom fields
20084RedmineFeatureNewDisplay custom fields in lists by default2015-06-13 08:51Custom fields
17925RedmineFeatureNewDisplay and edit customized field each one in a different line2014-10-21 12:57Custom fields
25786RedmineFeatureNewDisable history for some custom fields2017-06-06 14:19Custom fields
5026RedmineFeatureNewDescription field for Status/Role/Tracker setting.2015-03-25 20:46Custom fields
37487RedmineFeatureNewdependent custom fields2022-07-24 05:17Custom fields
14934RedmineFeatureNewDefine a field mandatory or disabled depending on the value of another field 2013-09-29 09:35Custom fields
8849RedmineDefectNewDefaults aren't honored in release 1.2.1 (regression)2011-12-07 00:07Custom fields
15358RedmineFeatureNewDefault value for "User" type custom field2020-08-03 11:21Custom fields
20382RedmineFeatureNewDate Custom Field Defaut Value2015-07-21 12:20Custom fields
35132RedmineDefectNewCustum field default value has no effect if field is inaccessible2021-05-03 22:22Custom fields
20100RedmineFeatureNewCustom version field that allows filtering versions in the list of options shown by "version's attached custom field" values2016-06-06 18:16Custom fields
25806RedmineDefectConfirmedCustom value from freshly disabled custom field in sub-project remains in issues list for parent project.2017-06-02 15:00Custom fields
9756RedmineFeatureNewCustom user list fields can add to watchers automatically2011-12-22 16:11Custom fields
20493RedmineFeatureNewCustom user list fields can add to watchers automatically2015-09-05 09:14Custom fields
35077RedmineFeatureNewCustom Strings as Unique Identifiers for issues2021-04-12 12:38Custom fields
4469RedmineFeatureNewcustom string field having wiki pages2010-04-07 06:26Custom fields
6717RedmineFeatureNewCustom list field with dynamic list content2021-06-02 00:13Custom fields
30440RedmineDefectNewCustom Key/value List restrained with text length2019-01-16 13:16Custom fields
19473RedmineFeatureNewCustom fileds to more than one object2015-03-25 09:22Custom fields
14555RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields UserList Watchers per user2013-07-27 10:22Custom fields
13378RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields Type Auto Number Increasing2021-03-15 16:41Custom fields
33631RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields totals fro parent-child issues2020-06-18 21:51Custom fields

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