Feature #13690

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 11 years ago

This is somewhat related to #7849 but (I think) involves significantly less work. 

 Firstly - can we make the TYPES constant a class variable (eg. @@types)? 
 Secondly - can the ".freeze" on the object inside the TYPES constant (now a class variable called @@types) be removed? (If necessary it could always be lazily frozen at some time later after the plugins have had a chance to add a relation...) - around source:trunk/app/models/issue_relation.rb@11711#L65 line #65 

 Unless I'm mistaken this should be all that would be required to give redmine plugins the authority to add/remove relationship types.  

 # Eg, a plugin would be able to do something like this 
 IssueRelation.class_eval("@@types[:supercedes] = 'Adding a relation'")