Feature #15695

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 10 years ago

In normal work, there is author of issue, person to who is issue actually assigned. But in this model, if issue goes to person who let the issue on him and do nothing, nobody is responsible for that issue to push the issue forward. 
 In our company, we are now trying to solve this adding new custom field "SUPERVISOR", who ho is responsible for issue flow. So every person, who can be supervisor should periodically periodicaly check issues which he is responsible for.  
 I think, there should be some better implementation of this. If we do custom field type user, it is not possible to do query on all projects to filter issues which is SUPERVISOR set "me". If we make custom field type list, we should manually every supervisor name to that list and then every supervisor user, have to set his own query to filter his name for that custom parameter. 
 And finally, there is no possibility to do query "My issues", which show issues assigned to me and issues which I am responsible for.