Feature #3068

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 10 years ago

I'd like to suggest an addition which would make this excellent app useable in a much broader set of situations. 

 Issues -> Tasks. 

 There should could even be a per-project per project toggle setting, what whether to actually call "issue" in that project. And, as a corollary, add a related option that tells what to call "tracker" there, too. (E.g. "task type", if "issue" is renamed to "task".) 

 If left empty, the generic names are used by default, as before. Otherwise, throughout the whole UI (including emails sent & documents generated for human reading), they are replaced with the terms given in the project settings. Ideally, corresponding system-wide settings could also be added, a) to optionally enable these project-level settings, and b) to set the defaults for every new project. 

 them issues or tasks! By allowing these this more generic descriptions description (and other types of trackers), suddenly the same project logic is understandable by people other than developers! 

 Although there are plenty of RoR task management applications (e.g. Tracks) none of them is a fully featured project manager like this (with features like file management, gantt charts, wiki etc). 

 And although there are project management apps on other platforms (e.g. ProjectFork on joomla) it would be great to have something on RoR. 

 (Updated as suggested by Szabolcs Szász)